How to Effectively Recruit Millennials & Gen Z in Supply Chain and Manufacturing, ASW Consulting

The Future Workforce: How to Effectively Recruit Millennials & Gen Z in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

The workforce of the supply chain and manufacturing industry is evolving. A new wave of talent is rising – the Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Z (born after 1996). Though sometimes misunderstood and underestimated, these generations can bring values and skills that are unique assets to your organisation.

Millennials and Gen Z are tech-savvy and skilful at navigating the complex digital world. They are also purpose-driven and seek work that contributes to growth, development, and the greater good. They are collaborative, valuing teamwork and open communication. These qualities can drive your company to be more innovative and more adaptable to change, especially in the supply chain and manufacturing industry.

But how can you attract and retain these unique talents? Here are initiatives that Millennials and Gen Zs value in the workplace to help guide you in implementing your recruitment strategies.

Tips to recruit & retain Millennial and Gen Z talents

1. Be authentic with your employer branding

Millennials and Gen Zs are big on authenticity. They will gravitate to your company if your corporate values are aligned with theirs. Keep it real and consistent when it comes to employer branding, in words and in deeds. Review your mission, vision, and values to check if they are still relevant. Show how your company upholds them by featuring your employee initiatives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities on your website and in social media. You can also feature positive feedback from your current staff about their work experience in your company.

2. Strengthen connections with educational institutions

For Millennials and Gen Zs, career planning starts early, even when they’re still in school. Capture their interest by being proactive in career fairs and job placement programs. Coordinate with teachers and guidance counsellors in promoting career opportunities and educating the students on the benefits and expectations of working in the supply chain and manufacturing industry.

How to Effectively Recruit Millennials & Gen Z in Supply Chain and Manufacturing, ASW Consulting

3. Provide career advancement and learning & development opportunities

It’s important for Millennials and Gen Zs to work for a company where they can thrive professionally. Promote your company as an organisation that supports career advancement. Provide training programs (leadership potential, technical or soft skill expansion, cross-functional training) that are attractive to candidates and to your current staff. This is also instrumental in developing and retaining great talent within your company.

4. Harness the power of social media

Raised in the Age of Information, it’s no surprise that these two generations are at the forefront of the digital landscape. Use your company’s social media platforms to actively connect with these talents since most of them will have online accounts. Make sure you customise your recruitment strategies and messages across various platforms that will appeal to them. Showcase your employer branding in social media and post content that matters to them, whether it’s about your company’s value system, benefits, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policy or activities that promote work-life balance. Speaking of which…

5. Encourage work-life balance

Having a life outside work ranks high among Millennials and Gen Zs. Companies that take work-life balance seriously are attractive to them. Offering remote, hybrid, or other flexible work arrangements encourages them to be more productive while maintaining their personal commitments.

How to Effectively Recruit Millennials & Gen Z in Supply Chain and Manufacturing, ASW Consulting

6. Keep up with the tech

The supply chain and manufacturing industry is a fertile ground for innovation. Tap into the strong tech talents of this age segment by providing roles where their tech skills will be put to great use. Ensure that they’ll have the necessary infrastructure that they’ll need to deliver excellent output.

7. Make CSR matter

Millennials and Gen Zs want to take part in creating a better world. Now is the best time to ramp up your CSR activities. Attract these talents to join your company by promoting your CSR program. Candidates from these generations will be drawn to you and what you sincerely stand for.

8. Ensure a positive candidate experience

This holds true for any age group but for Millennials and Gen Zs in particular, they feel more valued when you are responsive to them during the application process. It’s a reflection of how you’ll treat them if they do get hired. Even if they don’t, maintaining a positive relationship with them will help widen your talent pool for other roles.

How to Effectively Recruit Millennials & Gen Z in Supply Chain and Manufacturing, ASW Consulting

Safeguard the future of your supply chain and manufacturing operations

Having a robust and highly skilled workforce from the Millennial and Gen Z segment will serve as a cornerstone for your company’s continued success in the supply chain and manufacturing sector. If you require a trustworthy talent acquisition consultant in Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok for your Southeast Asian operations, ASW Consulting is ready to help you.

We are a recruitment company in Vietnam and Thailand that specialises in connecting forward-thinking companies with the next generation of supply chain talent. We leverage our expertise and industry knowledge combined with our deep cultural understanding of the Millennial and Gen Z market to help you develop a customised recruitment strategy, craft compelling employer branding, and navigate the nuances of attracting and retaining this valuable workforce. Contact us through our recruitment agency in Ho Chi Minh and in Bangkok. Let’s discuss your specific needs and help you build a supply chain workforce that fuels your success in the years to come.


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