Build a Winning Employer Brand in Vietnam to Attract and Retain Top Talent, ASW Consulting

Build a Winning Employer Brand in Vietnam to Attract and Retain Top Talent

In the highly competitive job market of Vietnam, employers face a dual challenge: attracting exceptional talent and keeping them engaged. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, crafting a robust employer branding strategy is pivotal. This can also help headhunting firms in Vietnam promote your company to attract the right candidates to join your company.

What is employer branding?

Build a Winning Employer Brand in Vietnam to Attract and Retain Top Talent 2, ASW Consulting

Employer branding refers to the process of shaping and managing an organisation’s reputation and image as an employer. It involves creating a distinctive identity for the employer in the job market to attract, engage, and retain top talent. Employer branding goes beyond traditional recruitment efforts and focuses on cultivating a positive perception of the company as a desirable place to work.

Why is employer branding important?

  • To attract better talent
    Vietnam is home to a diverse pool of skilled professionals. To tap into this talent reservoir, your organisation needs to stand out. A compelling employer brand serves as a powerful magnet for prospective employees who are also a good fit to your company culture.
  • To ensure employee loyalty
    In the context of Vietnam’s dynamic job market, retaining top talent is a constant challenge. An engaging employer brand not only helps attract talent but also nurtures loyalty among your existing workforce.
  • To maintain your competitive edge
    In a sea of employment options, a well-crafted employer brand sets your organisation apart. It positions you as the employer of choice, giving you a competitive advantage. This will also enable recruitment agencies in Vietnam to find the right candidates that will thrive in your work environment.

How do you build a winning employer brand?

1. Define your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

EVP refers to the distinct set of benefits and offerings that an employer provides to attract, engage, and retain employees. Start your branding journey by articulating what makes your company unique as an employer. Consider factors such as company culture, growth opportunities, and benefits. Tailor your EVP to resonate with the values and aspirations of Vietnamese job seekers.

2. Embrace local culture and values

Vietnamese culture places a strong emphasis on familial bonds and respect for hierarchy and tradition. Nurture and implement these values in your workplace culture. Foster a sense of belonging and show genuine care for your employees. In Vietnam, the use of formal language and titles is customary, especially in professional settings. Make sure your communication approach aligns with the values of respect that are deeply ingrained in their culture.

3. Showcase your company culture

In Vietnam, just like anywhere else, company culture matters. Showcase the distinctive aspects of your workplace culture through your website, social media, and employee testimonials. For example, the concept of collectivism extends to the Vietnamese workplace. Highlight teamwork, inclusivity, collaboration, and any highly valued cultural elements that define your organisation which are attractive to Vietnamese job hunters.

Build a Winning Employer Brand in Vietnam to Attract and Retain Top Talent 3, ASW Consulting

4. Focus on professional development

Career development is a top priority for Vietnamese job seekers. Emphasise your organisation’s commitment to employee growth and skill development. Offer training programs and clear pathways for advancement.

5. Promote work-life balance

Vietnamese employees value work-life balance, which is an important factor in creating an engaged workforce. Consider offering flexible work arrangements or promoting wellness initiatives to align with these expectations.

6. Encourage employee advocacy

Employees who are motivated, engaged, and satisfied at work will be your most compelling brand ambassadors. Encourage them to share their experiences on professional networks like LinkedIn and involve them in employer branding initiatives.

7. Strengthen your online presence

Make sure your company’s website and social media profiles are not only up to date but also accurately represent your employer brand. Share stories of successful employees, tout your company’s achievements, and actively engage with the online community.

8. Cultivate positive candidate experiences

Ensure your recruitment process is respectful, efficient, and transparent. Keep in mind that candidates form lasting impressions of your brand based on their experience, whether they join your organisation or not.

Build a Winning Employer Brand in Vietnam to Attract and Retain Top Talent 4, ASW Consulting

9. Connect with institutions and communities

Establish partnerships with educational institutions and actively engage with local communities. This not only fulfils your corporate social responsibility but also connects you with emerging talent eager for opportunities.

10. Measure, refine, and adapt to industry trends

Stay abreast of the ever-changing job market trends in Vietnam. Be flexible and willing to adapt your employer branding strategy to align with evolving expectations. Examine the employee benefits that you are currently offering. Get feedback from your staff, candidates, and industry peers. Are they still relevant to your staff’s needs? Is it attractive enough for potential candidates to consider applying to your company? Use these insights to fine-tune your employer branding.

Be a top talent magnet. Team up with ASW Consulting

Investing in employer branding will pay dividends in the form of a motivated and committed workforce that propels your organisation toward success. If you need a recruitment agency in Vietnam that can help build and boost your employer brand to attract better talents, contact ASW Consulting. We are a trusted talent search agency in Ho Chi Minh City that specialises in identifying and selecting the best candidates in South East Asia for businesses that are operating in emerging markets.

The Vietnam Behavioural Profile (VBP) is our exclusive proprietary psychometric tool which assesses individual behavioural preferences specifically within the context of a Vietnamese norm group. If you’re interested to apply the VBP as part of your recruitment process or for internal development projects, contact us or call +84 28 7309 7991 and our talent consultants will be happy to assist you.

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