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What is the Vietnam Behavioural Profile (VBP)?

How does the Vietnam Behavioural Profile (VBP) add value?
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What is the Vietnam Behavioural Profile (VBP)?

The VBP was developed to provide a fair and relevant behavioural assessment for clients operating in Vietnam. Many behavioural/personality assessments on the market can be overly difficult or linguistically challenging for English-as-second-language candidates; and sometimes culturally inappropriate. The VBP is a proprietary psychometric tool, designed exclusively for ASW Consulting and the Vietnam market. It was developed for ASW Consulting by Selector Group www.selectorgroup.com who are experts in this field.

The VBP tool is an assessment of individual behavioural preferences within the context of a Vietnamese norm group. The VBP is a behavioural assessment in the form of a candidate self-report and provides an indication of the preferences (not abilities) a candidate will have in relation to the following 14 competencies:

  • Trust
  • Complexity
  • Involvement
  • Pressure
  • Ownership
  • Perseverance
  • Connectedness
  • Teamwork
  • Competitiveness
  • Influence
  • Tolerance
  • Interest in problem-solving
  • Effort
  • Openness to ideas

A Stress Response scale is also included which covers 4 sub-scales:

  • Anxiety
  • Distraction
  • Somatisation
  • Withdrawal


How does the Vietnam Behavioural Profile (VBP) add value?

Exclusively normed to the Vietnam market
A norm group is a collection of scores from a relevant population (e.g., Vietnamese professionals), which allows you to benchmark against other test takers. Using the VBP tool means you aren’t trying to compare your Vietnamese candidate against an Australasian, US or UK norm group – which is the case with many other similar assessments.

Culturally-fair language
During the development stage, the VBP went through robust analysis to ensure that the language in the assessment was culturally-fair to local Vietnamese. English colloquialisms and meanings were discussed, scrutinised and changed as needed to confirm local understanding of the questions and potential answers within the assessment.

Efficient and effective tool for selection, onboarding or development
The VBP can be used with mid-level to upper-managerial level Vietnamese candidates/employees in selection, onboarding, and development situations. The findings in a report are not to be used in isolation and must be considered along with other forms of selection and/or assessment.

Easy to integrate into your selection or development process
The VBP is quick and easy to implement into your recruitment or development process, which takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. A member of the ASW Consulting team will administer the assessment online directly to the candidate. The client contact will receive a copy of the report directly via email. A candidate report will also be generated which can be provided to the candidate/employee.

If you would like to use the Vietnam Behavioural Profile as part of your selection process with candidates, or for internal development projects, please contact your Talent Consultant today.

Skills/Aptitude Testing

Skills or Aptitude tests are other types of psychometric assessments. ASW Consulting has a full suite of Skills/Aptitude Testing available through their partner, Selector Group, and can administer this online directly to candidates.

Unlike personality or behavioural tests, aptitude or skills tests are timed. They include assessments such as:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • MS Office
  • Data entry skills

These tests can also assist with selection decisions by providing objectivity. For example, in hiring an Accountant, you may have used a behavioural assessment and found that they have a high-moderate ‘Interest in Problem Solving’. Upon speaking to them further during the interview, this appears to align with their self-report. However, you may wish to validate their level of numerical reasoning with an abilities test.

If you are interested in using our Skills/Aptitude Testing as part of your selection process with candidates, please contact your Talent Consultant today.


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