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Elevate Your People: How Learning and Development Can Propel Your Company’s Growth

In LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report 2023 “Building the Agile Future”, Learning and Development (L&D) are key factors to help organisations become more agile, more resilient, and more future-proof in the ever-evolving landscape of work. Employers are highly encouraged to implement L&D programs that will help them elevate their staff’s career journey, retain high-quality talent, adapt to global challenges, and create a positive impact to the business.

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Modern problems require modern solutions

The world is still reeling from the impact of the pandemic on the workforce: from The Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting. Considering these current (and future) global disruptions, there’s never been a better time for organisations to invest in L&D initiatives.

  • By employing L&D training, business leaders can empower themselves with better skills to keep the organisation agile in challenging circumstances.
  • Providing platforms for career progression and internal mobility can create a people-centric work environment where employees are more motivated to upskill and be more engaged.
  • To drive agility via L&D, LinkedIn recommends the following priorities that organisations can focus on: Investing in cross-functional relationships; Honing your focus; Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); Improving data literacy; Activating people managers; and Prioritising your own learning.


In this regard, LinkedIn’s report has identified key L&D focal points for 2023:

  1. Aligning learning initiatives to the organisation’s business goals
  2. Upskilling opportunities for employees
  3. Creating a culture of learning in the work environment
  4. Improving employee retention


Given these trends, it’s no wonder that the percentage of L&D professionals working with company leaders and human resources officers has risen significantly.

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Empowering employees with L&D

Providing employees with L&D resources for advancing their careers and internal job opportunities boosts employee engagement and enhances the range of skills within the workforce. As employees progress by learning new skills, working on a big project, or being mentored, they also desire recognition for their efforts.

LinkedIn’s report further drove home the following points, reflecting a clear correlation of the significance of L&D in an employee’s career journey and in improving the company’s agility.

  • Progress toward career goals” is the top motivation for employees to learn new skills.
  • Among the top five aspects employees consider when looking for a new job, three of them show their aspiration to challenge themselves, advance, and acquire fresh abilities.
  • Providing learning opportunities” is the top option that companies are employing to improve retention.
  • By expanding the staff’s skillset and network, they are more qualified to move into other roles within the company. As a result, this internal mobility not only boosts retention but also encourages more organisational agility.

L&D and Talent Acquisition: Spearheads to success

The collaborative efforts of L&D and talent acquisition teams will pave the way for organisations to become more versatile with their internal mobility. L&D can offer platforms for upskilling that are in line with both the company’s requirements and the employee’s career goals. A finely tuned talent acquisition process can prioritise high potential staff for internal recruitment. This creates a continuous resource of highly skilled internal talent who are well-equipped to seize opportunities for career growth.

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