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How to Assess an Employer’s Commitment to their DEI Policy

According to recent studies, 3 in 4 job seekers and employees value diversity in the workplace as a significant factor when evaluating companies and job offers. Meanwhile, 80% of employees remarked that a company’s inclusion efforts can also affect their decision when applying for a company.

Company executives that show a commitment to enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) help build a sense of belonging in the workplace. It sends a message to their staff and to interested applicants that this is a top priority for the business.

Whilst companies profess having a DEI policy, it’s another thing if they actually put it into practice consistently. If you’re a job seeker, here are some recommended tips to help you assess if an employer is truly committed in implementing their DEI policies or if it’s just lip service.

1. Go through the company’s website

It’s easy for companies to make sweeping statements on their website that they have DEI policies in place or they’re an Equal Opportunity Employer. But what evidence can they show that they are actually practising it? Do their core values and mission/vision statements reflect what’s actually happening in the workplace? Check the photos of the management team and the employees in their company website. Do they show people from different backgrounds? Do the titles of the team members reflect their DEI policy (e.g., number of women in leadership roles)? Do they provide metrics that show their support for equity and a diverse and inclusive workforce?

2. Check the company’s social media

You may learn a lot about a company’s perspective on DEI by paying attention to how they talk about it on social media. Do they share and discuss issues that are important to you? Do they use hashtags that reflect the company’s values and culture? Do they post images that feature their diverse workforce? How do the employees talk about the company on their own personal or professional social media platforms? Also, take note of the social media of the company’s decision-makers as well. It’s not only the DEI officer’s responsibility to promote this. Company leaders who share their own insights that are aligned with the organisation’s DEI policies present a unified effort to support this.

3. Read reviews and comments

Any remarks about the DEI practices of the company will serve as useful information for your review. But be discerning — one employee’s personal experience does not entirely represent how the company operates. Read reviews about the company on reputable employment-related websites. Take note of the comments on the company’s social media as well. You might find some positive (or negative) feedback on their DEI policies that could affect your decision to apply.

4. “De-code” the company’s job postings

You can get a sense of the company’s DEI position through their job ads. Read job descriptions thoroughly and take the time to fully comprehend what they’re looking for. Take note of the language that they’re using. Does it feel biased towards a particular gender, age group, or non-disabled candidates? Do they mention their benefits and policies? Check their previous job posts and see if there’s an established pattern in their language to give you an idea of their company culture.

5. Find out who/what are they aligned with

The individuals, groups, or advocacies that a company chooses to be involved with can reveal a lot about them. Look at who they are associated with to learn more about their mission and beliefs. Check their website to see who are their partners in the business. Who do they interact with and follow on social media? Does the organisation have a diverse group of people in their advisory board?

How to Assess an Employer's Commitment to their DEI Policy 2, The Talent Consultants

6. Get info from your connections

Ask your family, friends, former colleagues, and other professional connections about the company’s DEI practices. How has this affected them? What are their observations about it? Again, use discernment with whatever information you’ve gathered from them. Hearing different perspectives from people you trust might indicate either their personal biases or inconsistent DEI implementation by the company.

7. Review employee benefits

Enquire about the company benefits and see if they reflect equity and inclusion. For example, expanding medical benefits to include same-sex partners and their adopted children. This shows that the organisation recognises and supports all kinds of families.

8. Ask DEI-related questions in your job interview

If you’ll have an interview with the recruiter or hiring manager, use this as your opportunity to clarify any concerns that you have with the company’s DEI practices. Here are some questions that you can ask:

  • How is DEI valued at this company? Can you share some examples of how the company promotes DEI in the workplace?
  • Does the company offer DEI training for the managers and the staff?
  • May I know the employee benefits that the company is offering?
  • Does the company support any advocacies?
  • How does the company deal with instances of biases, racism, and other DEI-related issues?
  • How diverse is the workforce? Are there equal opportunities for career growth?
  • How do the company leaders hold themselves accountable toward DEI advancement?


Bear in mind: no company is perfect. In assessing a company, what’s more important is that they are taking concrete, progressive steps to making DEI work in the workplace.

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