How to Develop In-Demand Skills of Successful Finance Professionals in Southeast Asia, ASW Consulting

More Than Numbers: How to Develop In-Demand Skills of Successful Finance Professionals in Southeast Asia

The finance sector is rapidly progressing in Southeast Asia, driven by digital advancements, fintech innovation, and a growing middle class. This shift is creating a demand for specific skill sets among companies which has led to a tug-of-war for highly skilled talent. Job seekers and current professionals in the finance industry must continuously adapt and enhance their skills to stay competitive. Companies are on the lookout for candidates who possess a diverse set of finance skills that align with the dynamic needs of the industry.

In Demand Finance Related Skills in SEA, ASW Consulting

Adapt To Advance

If there are certain areas where you need to upskill, here are some recommendations to bridge the gap so you can adapt and have a thriving career in the finance industry.

1. Evaluate your skill set

The foundation of skills development lies in a comprehensive self-evaluation. This involves critically assessing your proficiency in various financial functionalities, particularly those relevant to your current role. Identify areas where you might benefit from further development, such as computer software competency within the company’s financial systems. Reach out to talent consultancy services who can guide you on where you can focus for improvement.

2. Stay updated

In the Age of Information, ignorance is not bliss. Keep up with the ongoing and upcoming trends in the finance industry. Whether it’s national, regional, or global updates, it’s always best to have – at the very least – a general overview of the top financial stories. Stay abreast by subscribing to online financial publications or joining reputable online forums.

3. Never stop learning

Take advantage of Learning & Development programs offered by your employer to help you upskill. Look into online learning platforms such as Coursera or LinkedIn Learning. You’ll receive a certificate for accomplishing their courses which, along with your newly learned skills, you can feature on your LinkedIn profile so you can be easily spotted by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Attend finance-oriented conferences and sign up for workshops or seminars relevant to your career. Enrol in a master’s degree program for courses that are right up your alley.

How to Develop In-Demand Skills of Successful Finance Professionals in Southeast Asia, ASW Consulting

4. Obtain professional certifications

Earning professional certifications and licenses in finance is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your skills, credibility, and career prospects. If there’s a particular field in finance that you want to specialise in (e.g., accounting, financial analysis, risk management), check the eligibility and work experience criteria so you’ll know how to fulfil them. Register for review courses to help prepare you for the exam. Don’t forget to maintain your accreditations through continuous training and professional development activities.

5. Expand your network

Engaging with fellow finance professionals exposes you to diverse perspectives and best practices. Through interactions with experienced mentors and industry leaders, you can glean invaluable insights and practical advice, potentially accelerating your skill development. Networking can also lead to collaboration opportunities, allowing you to participate in real-world projects and tackle complex financial challenges alongside skilled individuals.

How to Develop In-Demand Skills of Successful Finance Professionals in Southeast Asia, ASW Consulting

6. Make upskilling part of your routine

Investing in your financial skill set extends beyond the boundaries of the professional realm. You can find opportunities to hone your skills even in your daily routines. Apply financial principles like budgeting, expense tracking, and financial forecasting into your personal finances. Regularly monitor your income and expenditures. Conduct self-assessments of your financial health to enhance your overall financial literacy. These practical exercises can serve as a valuable training ground.

7. Balance it out with soft skills

Cultivating strong soft skills can help you effectively communicate complex financial concepts, build trust and rapport with colleagues and clients, and navigate workplace dynamics with grace and adaptability. By honing these soft skills, you can unlock opportunities for collaboration, enhance your ability to influence positive outcomes, and position yourself as a well-rounded professional capable of leading and inspiring others.

Essential Skills for Finance Professionals, ASW Consulting

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