Top 10 Tips to Recruit and Retain Staff for Manufacturing

Top 10 Tips to Recruit and Retain Staff for Manufacturing Companies

Vietnam has become a manufacturing powerhouse in the Asian region, due to businesses transferring all or some portions of the production processes by following the “China plus one” strategy. Vietnam’s workforce is growing rapidly, backed by strong support from the government in providing vocational training. But the demand for more workers continues to rise even more so.

Companies have been struggling with talent shortage issues since the pandemic began. Some employees have returned to their homes in the provinces to find job opportunities after being laid off or to avoid getting “trapped” in the city due to travel restrictions. But despite the lifting of these restrictions, some workers have remained in the provinces. This situation has impacted business continuity due to the lack of qualified workers in the manufacturing industry.

For employers and hiring managers in the manufacturing sector, here are some helpful tips that will guide you in attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent to support your business endeavours.

1. Offer increased wages

Salary is definitely a key factor for attracting workers. Make sure you are updated in the salary ranges for the roles that you need in your company, whether it involves manual labour or it requires strong technical skills. When you’re conducting salary negotiations with potential candidates, consider their reasons and how much value they can bring to the business.

2. Provide better incentives

Getting a higher salary isn’t the only reason why some workers want to look for a new job. Another factor is that the company doesn’t offer enough benefits or the working environment is not aligned with their values. This can greatly impact their level of engagement and, ultimately, their productivity. Look into the company’s current support packages and benefits system. You may want to make some adjustments such as expanding HMO beneficiaries, provide mental health and wellbeing programs, offer food and transport allowances, and other benefits that fit their needs.

3. Implement upskilling programs

For many employees, having career growth opportunities is an important factor that will encourage them to remain with the company. Consider offering learning and development programs for regular employees to further expand their skills. This will also serve as an attractive benefit to potential candidates. Applicants are on the lookout to work for organisations that have the means to support their career journey.

4. Promote a safe work environment

Ensuring the safety of the staff is a priority, especially in a manufacturing facility. Applying the necessary protocols to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of workers is a big reassurance for both current and future employees. Make it known that your company consistently practises policies and procedures to create a safe working environment.

5. Expand operations to other localities

With some workers unwilling to return to the city, you might want to consider expanding your manufacturing business to neighbouring provinces. This will help you recruit more employees by bringing your place of work nearer to them.

Top 10 Tips to Recruit and Retain Staff for Manufacturing

6. Complete compliance with government and industry standards

Unfair labour practices in manufacturing companies can lead to widespread discontent among employees and disrupt the business. Ensuring strict compliance to government and industry regulations protects both you and your workforce from costly legal liabilities. Building HR policies that are attentive to wage concerns, social insurance, workers’ productivity, and other employee issues can be part of successful hiring strategies.

7. Know when is the best time to recruit

In Vietnam, employee turnover is high at the end of the first quarter or at the start of the second quarter, sometime in April or May. This period comes after employees have received their 13thmonth pay, their KPI bonus, and salary adjustments. Employees may also change jobs from June to August when companies are delivering orders to their clients. If you’re looking to recruit, the best time would be from July to August then work can start in October. It’s also a good idea to recruit from June onwards when students are looking for work after graduation.

8. Build your employer brand

Maintaining an outstanding employer brand is a great way to attract applicants. Build your online presence and share positive reviews from employees and clients. Having a corporate social responsibility program that’s part of the company culture can make a favourable impression on job seekers.

9. Practise omnichanneling recruitment

To help overcome challenges in finding the right talent, you need to expand your recruitment efforts. Nowadays, job hunters use various methods to find employment, especially via online channels. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Reach out to them more proactively. Here are recommendations to get you started with your omnichanneling recruitment:

  • Post on your company’s social media
  • Tap into niche employment groups in social media platforms
  • Register in online career websites
  • Participate in job exchanges
  • Link up with vocational schools and universities
  • Offer scholarships and internship programs
  • Join career events in universities and in cities
  • Continue traditional resources to advertise your job postings such as classified ads in newspapers

10. Partner with a third-party recruitment company

A well-established recruitment agency has the expertise and resources to attract and recruit the most qualified workers. They have an extensive talent pool and a fine-tuned recruitment process to find the best candidate with the right skills to work in your manufacturing company.

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