10 Most In-Demand Manufacturing Jobs in Vietnam

The 10 Most In-Demand Manufacturing Jobs in Vietnam

According to a recent Vietnam Express report, the manufacturing sector in Vietnam grew in August 2022 for a fifth consecutive month. This reflects a significant improvement in industrial production with increased orders due to higher demand and competitive pricing. The World Bank remains optimistic with Vietnam’s strong economic recovery, crediting its robust manufacturing industry.

Vietnam’s advantages in terms of government support, progressive economic policies, and geographic location have made them the preferred destination for major investors to set up their manufacturing plants. The country offers sustainable solutions for production expansion which opens numerous opportunities for employment in the manufacturing sector.

If you’re looking to explore career options in this field, here are some of the most in-demand jobs in Vietnam’s manufacturing industry.

1. Manufacturing Manager

You will be responsible for supervising all of the day-to-day operations of the manufacturing facility. This includes engineering, warehouse, quality control, project management, and product operations, among others. You will also handle managing the employees, conducting meetings, and ensuring that performance goals are achieved.

Average monthly salary: $605 to $1,785 USD

2. Manufacturing Engineer

From design to production, you will be working on every stage of the manufacturing process. You will also evaluate product design and assembly line procedures and pinpoint areas of improvement. You’ll also need to stay updated on the latest manufacturing processes and equipment to optimise operations as well as overseeing its application. You may also be involved in supply chain, material flow, procurement, and quality control.

Average monthly salary: $348 to $974 USD

3. Product Manager

As a product manager, you will supervise the design and the practical aspects of the product. You will also ensure that the product’s design will be beneficial to the user experience of the customers. You are the hub of the product team since you will connect with designers, engineers, marketing, sales and support teams in the development of the product.

Average monthly salary: $584 to $1,630 USD

4. Quality Control Technician

You will test materials and inspect the completed product to make sure that they adhere to specific standards and applicable regulations. You are responsible for testing the item before, during, and after the production stages so that all quality and safety levels are met.

Average monthly salary: $339 to $1,185 USD

5. Machine Operator

Mechanical work in a manufacturing factory is performed by machine operators. You may be tasked to operate and maintain heavy machinery, including simple repairs if something goes wrong with the equipment.

Average monthly salary: $304 to $510 USD

10 Most In-Demand Manufacturing Jobs in Vietnam

6. Process Improvement Manager / Production Engineering Manager

For this role, you are responsible for defining how an item is produced to ensure and improve efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Using data collection and analysis, you’ll enable the different operating teams to develop technical knowledge and proficiency in controlling and mastering the processes.

Average monthly salary: $625 to $1,791 USD

7. Maintenance Manager

You are responsible for planning, organising, and implementing the maintenance and repairs of manufacturing equipment in the facility. This includes checking the machine’s condition to ensure efficiency and to prevent malfunctions that can delay the manufacturing process. Your duties might also include the procurement of parts for the machines and workforce management of your team of technicians.

Average monthly salary: $323 to $1,057 USD

8. Production Planning Control Manager

You are in charge of developing the product plan, including budget and timelines based on production specifications. You will also determine the production requirements in accordance with the manufacturing plant’s capacity. You may also be involved in providing training and development programs for the staff and other performance management tasks.

Average monthly salary: $376 to $1,078 USD

9. Technical Training Officer

You’ll be working on collecting training data to create an annual training plan for the production staff. This also includes preparing and implementing process training courses, such as how to operate new machines or apply new techniques. You’ll also evaluate the current process and technical training courses and update them whenever necessary.

Average monthly salary: $367 to $1,053 USD

10. Manufacturing Technician

In this role, your assigned tasks include ensuring that the machines and equipment used in manufacturing the products are running smoothly. This includes troubleshooting and repairs. You’ll collect and evaluate data to perform tests and make adjustments on the equipment for optimised operations and improved processes. You may also be involved in training the production staff when necessary.

Average monthly salary: $181 to $608 USD

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