How to Maintain a Sustainable Talent Pool for FMCG Companies

How to Maintain a Sustainable Talent Pool for FMCG Companies

Based on a LinkedIn report, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry has the second-highest employee turnover rate. Whilst this sector traditionally experiences high attrition, the increase of e-commerce businesses and the decrease of physical stores have further impacted the recruitment and retention of FMCG employees. Some companies require fewer employees working on-site due to transferring the bulk of their business to the digital marketplace. As a result, there is also a shift in the required skillset needed by FMCG employers that lean more towards technological expertise.

The industry’s very nature is fast-paced and some employees may not be able to keep up with the numerous demands of the job. Certain soft skills are essential to cope with the challenges and the constant changes in the FMCG industry. These include problem-solving, time management, communication, critical thinking, being a team player, and organisational skills, among others. But these capabilities are also valued in other industries. That’s why some FMCG employees find other employment opportunities elsewhere.

Given these conditions, how can you ensure that you’ll always have a sustainable pool of FMCG talent who will remain engaged with your company in Vietnam? Here are several strategies that you can apply.

1. Prioritise your own people

Retain your internal talent by providing opportunities to enhance their career development. You might have long-time employees who feel stuck in their roles and need opportunities to expand their skills or explore higher-level positions. Or you might have young employees with great potential to grow in their roles. Offering resources and benefits to ensure their physical, mental, and financial well-being is just as important as their career growth. Your staff will feel more motivated and more engaged to perform their duties if these needs are met. This leads to better productivity, higher job satisfaction, and stronger loyalty among your employees.

2. Recognise their purpose in the business

Workers want to feel they have a sense of purpose in the organisation. It’s important that you let them know the value of their contribution and give recognition to those who have excelled in their work. Employees would also rather work for companies that are aligned with their values. This gives them a sense of pride to work for your brand and can play a significant factor in employee retention.

3. Focus on the right skillset

Whilst technical skills and relevant work experience are important, you should also spend more time in finding candidates with the right personality, attitude, and capabilities suited for FMCG work. They may not have a full range of technical skills but the company can provide training programs for them or they can learn on the job with your guidance. They might even come up with better ideas to improve business processes to support your company’s growth and enhance the customer’s experience. Give more focus to the onboarding process as well so there will be a seamless integration of the new employees to your organisation and work culture.

How to Maintain a Sustainable Talent Pool for FMCG Companies

4. Widen your search

If you’re struggling to find talent for certain FMCG-related functions such as creative or marketing support, you might want to consider expanding your search to neighbouring countries as well. Thanks to technological and digital advancements, outsourcing some tasks to a remote team of highly skilled staff has become a sustainable solution for companies who have problems in finding the best fit for their business. You’ll also have access to a wider pool of qualified talent on a global level, instead of limiting your options within your own country only. This will help free your internal staff from the burden of having to deal with vital but non-core tasks in the FMCG business.

5. Implement an Employee Referral Incentive Program

If there are job vacancies in your company, encourage your current staff to recommend candidates. They can be family members, friends, classmates, or former officemates who have the right qualifications for the job. To boost recruitment, offer and reward incentives to employees whose referrals were successfully hired. This will also help you significantly reduce the hiring and onboarding time, particularly if the referrals are former colleagues of your employee within the same FMCG sector.

6. Engage with the “Silver Medallists”

You may have a list of passive applicants who didn’t make the cut before. Perhaps they were more suited for other roles that were not yet available or existing at the time. Stay connected with them. Their skills may be needed more for the company’s future endeavours. Should the need arise, you will have qualified candidates ready for interview and hiring — assuming they are not yet employed by another company.

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