Top 10 Skills Required to Work in the FMCG Industry

The Top 10 Skills Required to Work in the FMCG Industry

According to Navigos Search, the end of the first quarter of 2022 opened up high recruitment opportunities in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Many enterprises are expected to have better business prospects. A lot of small and medium-sized companies are now in full operation, with headquarters at Ho Chi Minh City and factories located in neighbouring provinces such as Long An, Vung Tau, and Binh Duong, among others.

The forecast indicates a high hiring demand in the FMCG sector, particularly in the second quarter and the succeeding quarters. Current trends reflect increased recruitment efforts for skilled talent in the e-commerce sector.

If you want to pursue a career in the FMCG industry, here are the top skills that employers and hiring managers are looking for.

1. Sales Experience

You must be able to support customers in their purchase journey and address their concerns. You’ll need to have good interpersonal skills to convince the customer to make a purchase from the brand. Your expertise in this field is critical in promoting the brand and in achieving customer satisfaction.

2. Ability to Understand Consumers

Knowing and understanding the consumer’s needs is a critical skill when you’re working in the FMCG sector. This is essential in gathering data and extracting insights to address consumer’s concerns and to ultimately help develop a positive relationship with the brand.

3. Technical Skills

The FMCG industry thrives by adapting to consumers’ evolving needs. Technological advancements have enabled companies to quickly deliver solutions and services to their consumers. As a result, workers skilled in using tech tools and machines are high in demand.

4. Market Research Skills

If you want to focus on market research, the FMCG industry is in need of your talent. Qualitative and quantitative types of in-depth market research are crucial tools to identify consumer issues and insights. This skill will also enable you to come up with solutions in providing better products and services that will enhance the customer’s experience with the brand.

5. Adept in Data Analytics

With the enormous amount of data gathered in market research, you must also be skilled in making sense out of it. To extract data, you need to apply SQL skills. Analysing the data requires programming skills for faster and more accurate results. You’ll also need communication skills to report your findings in a comprehensive manner.

Top 10 Skills Required to Work in the FMCG Industry

6. Savvy with Digital Marketing

Companies need to make their presence known in the digital marketplace to reach more consumers directly. If you’re skilled in digital marketing, FMCG companies will be in need of your services. You must know how to develop and implement strategies to encourage engagement between the brand and its consumers in the digital space. This can also include creating search-optimised content for the company website or for their social media platforms or launching PPC Google ad campaigns.

7. Solid Connections with Distributors

Establishing and maintaining good business relationships with distributors is a key factor to the success of FMCG operations. You should be able to connect with current and new distributors so they can deliver the brand’s product or service to the consumers. Understanding their concerns and resolving issues in the distributorship takes strong communication and problem-solving skills.

8. Expertise in Financial Accounting

If crunching numbers is your strength, you’ll find opportunities to work in the FMCG industry by taking on financial accounting responsibilities. You’ll be handling the company’s day-to-day financial transactions, bookkeeping, payable accounts, payroll, financial reports, accounting records, and even tax compliance. Knowledge in using automation tools for quick, accurate results is a big plus.

9. Critical-Thinking and Decision-Making Skills

Working in the FMCG industry means you need to apply critical thinking skills in order to make the right decisions for the business. It gives you the ability to form creative solutions in solving problems and even anticipate what customers need. This will help you to make better decisions more effectively to drive the business forward.

10. Time Management and Organisational Skills

Remember, the “FM” in FMCG stands for “fast-moving” so you’ll also be working under those conditions. You must be able to carry out Speed-To-Market strategies, ensuring that goods are delivered to the end users on or ahead of time. As such, you should be able to manage your time efficiently and stay organised to keep up with the pace and maintain grace under pressure.

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