Frequently asked questions for ASW Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions for ASW Consulting (The Talent Consultants)

In our experience as recruiters, we’ve learned that employers have a handful of common questions they ask ASW Consulting throughout the recruitment process. We understand that there is a lot to consider when investing in recruiting talent, and we do our best to answer these questions and clarify any issues employers might have. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that employers ask ASWC.

How can you find the right people for our company?

Some companies that approach ASW Consulting don’t have internal recruitment specialists or may be struggling with hiring certain capabilities or skills. Recruiting professionals requires specific skillsets that their internal team may not necessarily have the capability or time for. We first try to learn as much as possible about your needs: your company’s value proposition and brand; the reason why you need to hire specific roles; what you need out of your new hire; your management style, as well as internal career paths and development opportunities. ASWC continually nurtures a network of high-value professionals, and are constantly speaking to candidates who may be a great fit for your company. We also spend time headhunting specific talent, which takes time and specialist skillsets to develop and maintain such relationships.

How well do your consultants understand the industry?

ASW Consulting have decades’ worth of collective experience in the recruitment and human resources industries. Collectively we have experience in HR, internal recruitment, executive search, RPO, as well as local and international recruitment, operating in both Ho Chi Minh and South East Asia. Our team has extensive expertise and nuanced knowledge in sourcing talent for our clients. Our consultants attend regular industry events and internal best-practice training. We also have a strong database of candidates who we know very well and talk to regularly. We are always on the ground, continually strengthening our understanding of the industries we work in, one candidate at a time.

What is your recruitment or screening process like?

In our job as recruitment consultants, we like to simplify the process so we can close the gap between enquiry and hiring. As soon as we get your requirements and non-negotiables, we reach out to our network to find potential candidates for your company. Our recruitment process involves phone interviews and online or in-person interviews with one of our recruitment consultants prior to submission to our client. We also conduct background checking and testing if required for the role, and handle the job offer negotiation on behalf of both our client and candidate.

How do you check candidates’ backgrounds?

We align this to our clients’ specified process. However, for all candidates we check their CV, LinkedIn profile, qualifications, portfolio, or any other publicly available biodata. We ensure that what they tell us during the interview matches with what is on their CV, and probe for further information when required. We use a third party for more in-depth background checking such as police or fraudulent checks, and will conduct employment references when requested.

How do you ensure recruitment effectiveness or success?

We believe that there is a good candidate out there for every job. It’s just a matter of finding them. It’s also important to remember that the ‘perfect’ candidate may not exist – in our experience many clients have a long list of requirements which needs to be broken down into the ‘must haves’ and the ‘nice to haves’. A great candidate may not tick all your boxes in terms of qualifications, expertise, length of experience and such, however it is our job to present these people to you and coach you on why they are still a good fit for your role. Similarly, it’s important to conduct competency and/or behavioural interviews with candidates, as well as specialist/technical interviews to ensure you are getting the right fit for your organisation.  Remember: past behaviour is a good indicator of future performance!

At ASWC we can also offer support and guidance on skills and personality testing that aligns to the core competencies of your role – this additional information can also help guide your decision-making process. We also provide useful feedback to candidates after interview, and stay in touch regularly after they are hired to support them on their career journey.

What differentiates ASW Consulting from other recruitment agencies or talent consultancy services in Ho Chi Minh?

ASW Consulting’s goal is to bring talented people together. We are committed to meeting the aims of our stakeholders and make the recruitment process as enjoyable as possible for our clients. ASWC has four values that drive us to provide the best recruitment and talent consultancy services in Ho Chi Minh.

First, we have a transparent relationship with our clients, where we communicate our processes clearly as well as our challenges. We are always honest in providing feedback to our clients and in presenting insights based on our local experience.

Second, we are loyal to both our clients and candidates in trying to reach their business and career goals by taking care of their specific needs throughout the recruitment process.

Third, ASW Consulting are naturally curious individuals who are eager to know about our clients and candidates, and to bring talented people together more effectively with our specialist and candid approach.

And lastly, we rely on our expertise as a trusted recruitment agency in Ho Chi Minh. We are a team composed of business, recruitment and talent experts who are passionate about people and helping companies grow. With over 70 years of combined practical experience in the field, helping companies across all industries find top talent, we have established ASW Consulting as the go-to recruitment agency to find talent in Vietnam and South East Asia.

Are you currently thinking about using a recruitment agency in Ho Chi Minh to find your next best employee? Take advantage of the recruitment season in Vietnam by talking to ASW Consulting. Email for a confidential discussion on how you can benefit from receiving professional recruitment and HR advice today.