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The Best Time to Recruit in Vietnam

For a lot of recruitment agencies and talent acquisition consultants in Vietnam, there is a so-called “golden period” every year when the demand for jobs is high and the talent pool increases. The three-month period between the Lunar New Year in February and April is an ideal time to ramp up on recruitment because it’s ripe with opportunities for recruiters and professionals looking for a new start in their careers.

Why “golden period”?

In Vietnam, the fiscal year is the same as the calendar year, and Tet, Vietnam’s Lunar New Year, signals the end of the fiscal period. It is customary for businesses to pay a 13th month Tet bonus around this time (January or February depending on when the Lunar New Year falls). For companies adhering to a calendar year performance appraisal cycle, many employees will also have received their annual appraisal feedback by January. For most employees, this is the perfect time to reevaluate their career trajectories and think of ways to achieve their career goals. Therefore within these three months, there is always a rise in professionals seeking new employment opportunities.

Hiring executive-level professionals

When recruiting for executive and C-level positions, it is best to plan ahead and expect the process to take about 90-180 days. This new year period is a great time to reach this caliber of candidates in Vietnam, as the fiscal year has just concluded and they may be more open to discussing a potential new career opportunity. As highly experienced professionals, they don’t normally find jobs through job boards. They are mostly headhunted by recruitment agencies and talent acquisition consultants in Ho Chi Minh. The challenge lies in making the broader commercial opportunity of the role attractive to these senior-level executives. One way is to engage with talent experts who will ensure an appropriately skilled and experienced consultant is assigned to effectively promote your brand, the opportunity and ensure your company is represented confidentially and professionally.

Retaining employees throughout this recruitment season

Whilst it is the peak of recruitment season, it is also important to have retention plans for your existing employees, especially for those who are at risk of being enticed away by other candidates. Make sure you identify your high-potentials and ensure effective career development plans are in place for all staff. Don’t think because someone is a high performer, they are also highly engaged – often this is not the case. We regularly meet with great candidates who aren’t being recognised in their current roles and are then a huge loss to their company when they leave. Of course, incentives, salary adjustments and benefits packages all help, but often it is a lack of honest and regular communication, or a simple ‘thank you’ that can disengage your people. They start to think – ‘what is all my hard work for?’ Similarly, a lack of clarity or autonomy can also be key push factors for senior employees to leave. Retaining employees requires focused efforts on workplace engagement and the Talent Consultants are happy to share more on this hot topic with you.

Talent acquisition in Ho Chi Minh

How are you preparing for the recruitment season in Vietnam? There can be a lot to consider when looking for Vietnamese talent, and you might not have the resources at hand to execute recruitment as well as you would like. ASW Consulting is a trusted recruitment agency and talent acquisition consultancy in Ho Chi Minh that has a wide network of high-quality talent. We have strong experience recruiting all kinds of professionals, across a variety of industries. Talk to ASW Consulting to know how you can benefit from receiving professional recruitment and HR advice today. For a confidential discussion, please email