Five Essential Tips to Help Manage Remote Staff, ASW Consulting

5 Essential Tips to Help Manage Remote Staff

The pandemic has created a new environment wherein a lot of companies are now requiring their employees to work remotely. As a manager, are you struggling to keep track of your team’s work progress? ASW Consulting, a workforce management company in Vietnam, would like to share five essential tips on how you can remotely and effectively manage your team.

1. Provide workplace tools and access to communication platforms

Your team should have the necessary equipment that they would primarily use in the office, such as computers with the required operating system and programs. The staff should be informed of the apps that need to be installed to open channels of communication such as Zoom, MS Teams, MS Outlook, Dropbox, Slack, Viber, or Skype. Other work management apps such as Monday or Basecamp will also help you track projects and the persons responsible.

You may also want to check on your remote staff’s internet connection. Your IT personnel should ensure that all IT-related infrastructure is set up properly and in compliance with company policy and data security standards.

2. Check in on your team via scheduled meetings

Set up a quick meeting with your staff to stay updated on their work status. Select a particular day/s and schedule a 30-minute meeting once or twice a week. This should be enough to cover the most relevant and urgent topics. Schedule separate one-on-one meetings if you need to further discuss in detail with a particular employee so that other team members can proceed with their work.

3. Establish remote work rules but allow a little wiggle room

A work-from-home setup can affect the routine that you’re used to in a physical office. While it’s important to maintain the same work processes as before, consider the different dynamics of remote work. Define your expectations – deadlines, meetings, deliverables, communication — to the team so everyone is aligned when accomplishing their tasks.

Given the current situation, be prepared to adjust for any unforeseen incidents. While distractions need to be managed, bear in mind that your team members have different work-from-home arrangements. Understanding their circumstances will help them to adapt and manage their situation as well.

Essential Tips to Help Manage Remote Staff, ASW Consulting

4. Set boundaries and don’t micromanage

Remote work has blurred the line between office time and home life. If your remote staff is working on a different time zone than yours, they might feel they’re bothering you when they send messages to you outside of your own office hours. While this may be unavoidable sometimes – especially if there’s something that needs to be resolved urgently – assure them that they can reach out to you anytime but do let them know that you may not be able to respond right away.

Since daily face-to-face interaction no longer applies, you may be wondering how to monitor your remote team. Checking in on them is fine but don’t do it constantly that it starts to impede on your employee’s working timetable. With the rules you’ve established with your team, trust them to focus on their responsibilities and meet their goals.

5. Motivate them with encouragement and support

These are unprecedented times for businesses to operate and it’s no surprise if your remote staff are feeling stressed and anxious more than ever. Exercise empathy: ask how they’re coping, realise what they’re going through, listen intently to their concerns, and let them know if you understood them correctly.

Employees will take their cues from their managers on how to respond to critical situations. Express your confidence in your team’s efforts to fulfil their duties despite these difficult times. Let them know that you’re here to help find ways to support them. Recognise their achievements to inspire them and to improve morale.

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