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How to Ensure Balanced Employee Engagement While Working From Home

Sometimes, working remotely can feel like a totally different realm and it’s hard to keep connected with colleagues. Managers and business leaders need to look at employee engagement differently, especially during the pandemic. As a Vietnam recruitment agency with recruitment consultants talking to candidates for the past year and a half, we’ve gathered insights into how companies should ensure balanced employee engagement while working remotely. Here are some that we think you should know.

Differentiate engagement and surveillance

As it’s more difficult to maintain connections in a work-from-home setup, managers make sure to check on or keep tabs on their staff all the time – but in ways that are not entirely motivating. Some ask to go on Zoom meetings everyday, and some get frustrated when their staff don’t answer Slack messages immediately.

As a team leader, you should ask yourself if your brand of connecting with your team is surveillance or respectful engagement. Working conditions are different in every home, and you should also be mindful that your staff also have to deal with home concerns that they never had to deal with when they worked in the office. Trying to talk to them to find out if they’re online or of they are working is not the best way to motivate them and show your trust. Find ways to engage your staff without requiring too much from them.

Learn to be output-based than attendance-based

When recruitment consultants like us talk to candidates, they tell us that one thing they expect from companies and bosses is respect for their time. It’s no longer sustainable to base performance on attendance and to demand staff to be 100% present while working from home. During a pandemic, staff at home have other things to worry about like their physical and mental health, and taking care of their family, and prioritizing their safety.

Bosses should understand that these things also need time and attention from their staff, and should therefore allow them enough time and freedom to attend to these things in their new office, which is their homes. Instead of badgering them on their attendance, focus more on their output and the quality of their work. Empower them to focus on these as much as they can, in their own time, so they can feel supported at work, and not stressed about straddling their home and work lives.

Keep meetings to a minimum

While meetings are a good way to maintain communications and update your team about their tasks and projects, meetings are also productivity killers. Remember that your staff are on “doer time” and if their days are filled with meetings, they’re forced to stop and start their tasks, and may need more time to get their minds into their work and resume. Essentially this takes a lot away from their time and productivity. Make sure there’s a balance in terms of holding meetings. Sometimes these meetings can either be a private message or an email, so be more discerning about your discussions and your people’s time.

Employee Engagement While Working From Home

Start “Fun Fridays”

Vietnam recruitment agencies like ASW Consulting suggest activities that your team can look forward to that are not necessarily related to work. Many teams have virtual parties at the end of the week, celebrating with food and drinks. This is a rewarding way to conclude the work week, to freely communicate with your colleagues about their lives, and help them start their weekend. Employees feel more engaged when enjoyment is built into how they are managed, as this makes them feel that their mental health, productivity, and social lives are also important to their superiors.

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ASW Consulting is a Vietnam recruitment agency that’s also committed to the performance and engagement of all employees. We advocate more balanced and mindful employee engagement activities that not only respect the needs of staff, but also honors the many changes brought about by working from home during the pandemic. Read about our previous blog about important factors of employee engagement according to employees to learn more.