10 Tips To Keep Your Focus While Working from Home, ASW Consulting

10 Tips To Keep Your Focus While Working from Home

The remote work model has become the New Normal for many businesses to continue their operations during this pandemic. For people who work at home, having a comfortable environment to work in could mean distractions are just round the corner which can make them lose their focus on what they need to do. ASW Consulting, a talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam, recommends the following suggestions to help you stay focused and productive.

1. Designate your workspace

Pick a particular spot at home where you can set up your workspace. Ideally, it should be in an area where you’ll encounter less distractions. Keep it organised and comfortable with appropriate lighting.

2. Make a to-do list

List down your tasks for the day and make sure it’s visibly placed. Check each task after you complete it. Seeing each completed task puts you in a productive frame of mind so you can focus and finish your work.

Make sure the goals in your list are concrete and measurable. For example, ‘write 2 blogs’ or ‘review layout for 6 social posts’. Task management applications like Monday.com or Basecamp can help you keep track of your work assignments.

3. Manage distractions

No matter how small it may seem, any distraction can interrupt your focus. While it may not be always possible to completely remove every distraction, reducing it will help you maintain your focus. Put your phone on silent mode or mute notifications that aren’t work-related. Mention to your co-residents about your schedule – when you’ll have a meeting or when you’re off from work – so they’ll also be mindful of your work time.

4. Use tools to help you focus

Music can help boost your concentration while you work. Check out Spotify and YouTube Music for specific playlists curated not only for your listening pleasure but also for helping you to focus on your tasks. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones to block out distracting sounds.

If you really want to stay in the work zone, use a focus browser extension that can block designated websites that aren’t work-related. You can also try a browser extension called StayFocused that restricts the time you spend on other websites that aren’t relevant to your work.

10 Tips To Keep Your Focus While Working from Home, ASW Consulting

5. Schedule your breaks

If you keep working without taking a break, you’ll find it more difficult to stay focused. Set reminders for periodic breaks and stick to it. However, if you really need to work on an urgent task through your break, take one right after you’ve completed that task. You can also try the ‘Pomodoro technique’. Focus on working for 25 minutes then take a break for 5 minutes.

6. Work on time, end on time

With office and home rolled into one, you might be extending the time for work which can affect your focus and make you drag out your tasks even further. Make it a point to set an end time, just like in the office, so you can concentrate on finishing your tasks within schedule and maintain work-life balance as well.

7. Eat and drink right

Sugar crashes from sweet snacks or soft drinks can make you feel sleepy at work. Try to find healthier alternatives to energise you while you’re working. Don’t forget to hydrate with regular water intake.

8. Make a stand

Staying seated all day long while working isn’t a healthy practice and can make you feel less attentive. Standing up for a few moments can snap you out of your lethargic state and restore your focus for work.

9. Stay connected

Without the regular face-to-face interaction with your colleagues, you might feel disconnected from them and become prone to distractions. You can stay motivated by checking in on them or update them on how you’re coming along.

10. Give your full attention

No matter how many things you need to attend to, you should give 100% attention to each task at a time. Otherwise, the quality of your work might suffer. Focussing on one task at a time will help you work faster so you can go to the next item on your to-do list.

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