10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Recruit Before Christmas

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Recruit Before Christmas

Right now, companies are busy rolling out their year-end activities, celebrating Christmas parties, and wrapping up what needs to be fulfilled before the start of the new year. Given these circumstances, is it advisable to ramp up recruitment efforts during this time? Surprisingly, it’s actually an ideal time to take advantage of this period to recruit for top talent. Let’s discuss the benefits of why it’s a good idea to actively recruit before Christmas.

1. Less competition from other recruiters

As the year winds down, some companies will use this time to focus on other priorities in order to accomplish their business goals for the last quarter. So, their recruitment efforts may not be as intense at this time. This is the perfect opportunity to recruit the best talents with less competitors to scoop up the most qualified candidates.

2. Talent pool is more receptive for recruitment

As recent trends have indicated, many workers are considering to resign and find work that would best fit with their lifestyle goals. And some are more inclined to start fresh when the new year begins. This means that the talent pool is more active in looking for work before Christmas, so strike while the iron is hot.

3. Maximise the value of new recruits

Some companies would prefer to hire during the last quarter of the year as it is easier for them to train and integrate new recruits to their organisation so they’ll hit the ground running at the start of the new year. This way, they are able to maximise the value out of their new employees for the full business year.

4. Use the downtime to boost your job ads

Many employees take their leaves during the holiday season. For those who are planning to find new work, this is also the best time for them to check out job listings, update their resumes, and reach out to recruiters. Use this opportune moment to actively post job ads, review resumes, and interview candidates in a more relaxed pace for a more thorough assessment.

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Recruit Before Christmas

5. Take advantage of increased activity on social media

Expect employees to post more on social media as they’ll be sharing content about their recent holiday-related activities. Leverage on this by promoting your company’s job vacancies on social media platforms that are designed to target those who will most likely engage with your recruitment content.

6. Make use of the remaining budget for recruitment

If the company still has remaining financial resources from their annual budget, this can be dedicated to recruitment efforts instead. Using the leftover funds to recruit and train the most qualified talent will give great value to the business and help you complete the required headcount on time. As a result, this will save you from budget slashes in the future for your department.

7. More qualified prospects available

It’s an unfortunate reality that some organisations may have to reduce their expenses by letting go of employees at the end of the year to keep their business afloat for next year. But on the flip side, this can be a win-win opportunity for your recruitment programme and for the recently unemployed. As the talent pool becomes infused with these experienced but unemployed workers, your search will yield better candidates for the positions that need to be filled in your company.

8. Beat the January rush

Recruiting and hiring candidates takes time. If you wait until January to resume your recruitment efforts, you’ll be adding an average of 5-10 extra days with the influx of prospects that you have to assess. Job seekers would also prefer to search and secure employment before Christmas to make them stand out from the other candidates vying for the same job position. By January, your ideal candidate might get lost in a sea of competing applicants and you’ll spend more time searching as a result of the delay.

9. Get the right people at the right time

Timing is essential in recruiting the right people for particular roles. Workers involved in the retail industry will be too busy with meeting high customer demands during the holiday season and will have no time to respond to recruitment efforts. But for more technical job roles and HR-related functions, for example, it’s ideal to recruit these types of workers before the Christmas season as they are not at the front line of businesses.

10. Morale-boosting for everyone

This works out well for both the employer and the new recruit. If the candidate is successfully recruited before Christmas, they will have the reassurance of financial security when they start the new year.
And employers can relax during the holidays, knowing that they’ve got the right people for the job who are ready to work when the new year begins.

10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Recruit Before Christmas

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