Virtual Interviews – Hints and Tips for Candidates

Many companies use phone or video functionality to interview candidates. This document will help you to present yourself in the best way possible when doing virtual video interviews:

How You Can Prepare for a Video Interview

Test your technology in advance — If you have been sent a video interviewing link, please test it in advance. Make sure your internet connection, camera, sound and program or app are working well prior to your interview.

Select an appropriate location at home – Be conscious of what will be in the background (other than you). A blank wall, or shaded window behind you always looks professional, but when this is not possible just ensure you choose the most appropriate clean and tidy background you can find for your interview. With some apps you can load a professional virtual background.

Prepare your family/housemates – Ask for privacy and quiet during your interview. You will not want to be interrupted by someone, or your dog!

Dress appropriately — Looking professional is key in job seeking, first impressions count. Make sure that you take the time to dress in appropriate clothes and look tidy and smart.

Keep notes out of sight – While it is tempting to surround yourself with notes; the company website; your phone; and other distractions, it is better to come across fully engaged in the interview. A few notes are fine but prepare well in advance to avoid hoping to refer to documents or the company website during the interview. Keep your phone/other devices off during the interview.

Let your personality shine through — This can be hard sometimes over video as there can be a delay on the line. Make eye-contact when answering questions by looking directly at the camera (place a sticker next to it, so it draws your focus). Smile regularly. Ask some interesting (but relevant) questions about the company/your potential new manager.

Manage connectivity issues proactively – Sometimes connectivity may prove challenging. If you cannot hear your interviewer(s), or if the sound keeps cutting in and out, tell them immediately. Suggest turning off the video and just have a voice interview, which often helps with sound quality. If this fails, then suggest redialing into the session again. As a last resort you could suggest a WhatsApp voice-call (ensure you have this application set up in advance) or else the interview will need to be rescheduled to another time.

Call your Recruitment Consultant/Candidate Care Consultant immediately and let them know that you have had issues and need to reschedule.

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