Prove Your Worth at Work Without Burning Out

Ways on How to Prove Your Worth at Work Without Burning Out

It’s perfectly understandable if you want to do your best at work. You want to prove to your boss and to your colleagues that you can handle the job. You want to exceed their expectations. You might be aiming for a higher position or an employee award. Or you simply just want to make a good impression.

Along the way, you might be putting yourself under a lot of pressure. Before you know it, you’re burning out at work. This will not only affect your performance but it could also impact the work of the whole team. Here are ways to keep you in check and maintain your wellbeing whilst you strive to do great work.

Clarify your goals

Sometimes you end up spreading yourself too thin whilst working on numerous, time-consuming tasks. As a result, you feel exhausted yet it’s as if you don’t feel satisfied with what you’ve done. First, you need to be clear about your goals. Otherwise, you won’t be able to set your priorities properly. This, in turn, will keep you from performing at an optimum level. It’s as simple as writing down what you want to accomplish for the day. If there’s too much on your plate, ask your manager to guide you on what goals you should focus on and what needs to be prioritised first. Make sure you’re clear on the deliverables and outcomes that are assigned to you.

Understand how you’ll be evaluated

If you’re handling more responsibilities because you’re being trained for a higher position, you should know how your performance will be assessed. There might be new targets that you’re not aware of or perhaps the company’s performance review metrics need to be re-examined. You could be pushing yourself to work harder for the wrong reasons. Discuss with your manager on whether your current metrics are still applicable to you. They might need to be adjusted so you’ll feel more fulfilled when you accomplish your goals.

Manage your time

It might appear that you’re dedicated to your job because of the extra hours that you put in. But if you keep that up, you’ll most likely feel burned out sooner than you think. Some of the work that you’re probably doing may not even be of high value and can actually wait. Learn to practise better time management skills. Use your work time more productively, especially for urgent projects. For others, pace yourself. Not everything should be considered high priority.

Don’t go solo

There’s nothing wrong with being ambitious in wanting to attain a higher level. But in your quest to be the best, you might be driving yourself to work on your own and not ask for help if you’re stuck with a problem. This could become a significant factor to your burnout. Remember, you are working as part of a team. Each member is a key contributor to the success of the company. Be open to collaboration. Your energy and ideas could even inspire the team to feel more motivated in working together for a common goal. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Prove Your Worth at Work Without Burning Out

Know when to say NO

As your career begins to take off, you might be given new projects along the way. Whilst you want to prove yourself at work, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say ‘yes’ to every task that’s handed to you. Here’s where you have to be strategic in your career journey. Be realistic with yourself. You won’t be able to please everyone and you may not be able to accept some new projects just yet, whilst you’re still working on what you currently have. So learn to say no but in the right manner and to certain projects only. You’ll actually gain more respect in the workplace and your colleagues will realise your value in the team.

Don’t equate stress with success

When you talk about how busy you are at work, there is a tendency to associate being stressed with success. Perhaps you push yourself out of fear that you might lose your job and, in turn, lose the means to support your family. Or maybe you take on more responsibilities to keep yourself busy from dealing with other issues in your life. But studies have shown that the more we multitask, the less efficient we become and there is a higher chance of making more mistakes. In fact, according to a 2021 Wellable report, 81% of workers who are stressed out at work have noted symptoms that range from fatigue and anxiety to physical illnesses that cause them to be absent at work.

It’s time to change your perspective about your measure of success and how to reach it. Stop normalising unhealthy work habits that make you anxious and stressed out. You need to see how it’s not only affecting your physical and mental wellbeing but also how it’s causing a negative impact on your relationships. A more positive way to measure success is by ‘thriving’. When you are thriving, you are also taking care of your health by getting enough rest and spending quality time by yourself or with people you care about.

Build healthier habits for your wellness

Whilst the pandemic has made the work-from-home option available to most employees, this has certainly upset the work-life balance boundaries for many of them. Given the uncertainties of employment brought on by the pandemic, a lot of employees have felt the pressure to work harder to keep their job. This, however, has brought on high levels of burnout in the workforce. According to Zippia, 86% of employees who work from home have experienced burnout. Meanwhile, 67% of employees working remotely feel pressured to be constantly available.

As you strive to be more successful at work, you should never neglect your wellbeing. Proving your value in the company will mean nothing if you start to get sick from overwork. Having a healthier physical and mental state will actually improve your work performance. Check if your company has wellness programmes that you can take advantage of. Create a routine that gives you enough time to practise healthier habits. Exercise has been proven to boost your physical and mental wellbeing so you’ll be able to deal with stress more effectively. Take your regular breaks at work or use your vacation leaves for much-needed R&R. Start a hobby that will help you to relax.

Just remember that work is a part of your life but don’t let it take over your life.

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