Top Supply Chain Jobs Available in Vietnam

Top Supply Chain Jobs Available in Vietnam

In a 2021 KPMG survey on the supply chain industry in Vietnam, 33% of companies are struggling with challenges in talent management. Difficulties in onboarding the right resources with technical skills have been impacting productivity negatively. In terms of supply chain performance enhancement, 26% of companies are looking into improving their talent acquisition capability.

Supply chain management plays a crucial role in supporting business continuity by delivering products and services to consumers efficiently. To ensure a streamlined process, employers and recruiters are on the lookout for the best talent to fill these essential roles in the company. Here are the top supply chain jobs that are currently in demand.

1. Purchasing agent

They are in charge of buying equipment, components, and services needed for manufacturing. They
request for bids, create the orders and evaluate the purchase of products and services. They are also responsible for negotiating and overseeing contracts with vendors, suppliers, and other representatives.

Average salary: $983 to $1,685 USD per month

2. Operations manager

Their main responsibility is to supervise a company’s overall operations. This includes all aspects of production, pricing, sales, and distribution. They evaluate performance data to gauge the productivity of the business and spot potential cost-efficiency opportunities.

Average salary: $1,248 to $1,935 USD per month

3. Logistics analyst

Logistics analysts make sure that the delivery process is seamless by examining and optimising supply chain procedures as well as recommend improvements. They keep track of the company’s logistics databases and analyse the costs of transportation, sourcing of parts, back orders, and delivery procedures.

Average salary: $669 to $1,044 USD per month

4. Purchasing manager

Purchasing managers plan and guide the activities of the buyers. They supervise the purchasing agents and other parties involved in the purchase process. They frequently function as the company’s representatives during policy-making and contract negotiations with various suppliers.

Average salary: $1,351 to $2,122 USD per month

5. Supply chain manager

Supply chain managers are responsible for overseeing the supply chain process. This includes managing costs, ensuring accuracy, providing customer service, and maintaining security. They also keep an eye on projections and spot changes and its effects in supply chain activities. They also establish protocols in coordination with other divisions, such as sales, finance, production, and quality assurance. They are also in charge of hiring new staff and managing the training of current employees in the supply chain team.

Average salary: $1,278 to $1,994 USD per month

Top Supply Chain Jobs Available in Vietnam

6. Logistics manager

With regard to supply chain, logistics managers are in charge of overseeing and coordinating a company’s purchasing, distribution, warehousing, customer service, forecasting, and planning activities. They coordinate with other departments in the organisation to connect their logistics systems to optimise productivity and efficiency.

Average salary: $886 to $1,338 USD per month

7. Storage and distribution manager

They manage the resources and goods that are stored or distributed to the company’s clients. They also interview, hire, and train the warehouse staff to perform their duties efficiently. They also ensure that warehouse safety and security procedures are being implemented.

Average salary: $1,287 to $1,943 USD per month

8. Inventory specialist

Inventory specialists order, store, receive, and distribute the company’s products and supplies. Controlling the flow of supplies, monitoring and evaluating inventory, and establishing practices for loss mitigation are some of their key responsibilities.

Average salary: $711 to $1,363 USD per month

9. Supply Chain Security Manager

Protecting supply chain assets (products, supplies, services, data) is the main responsibility of a supply chain security manager. They are in charge of creating and implementing policies and procedures to safeguard these assets from damage, theft, terrorism, and other elements that could compromise security. This includes restricting access to unauthorised personnel and preventing contraband from being introduced.

Average salary: $1,078 to $1,628 USD per month

10. Demand Planner

Demand planners prepare forecasts based on market trends and provide management with recommendations on risk assessments and mitigation measures. They also propose and execute strategies to increase the accuracy of demand forecasts.

Average salary: $733 to $1,137 USD per month

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