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Top 10 Ways to Accelerate Your Hiring Process

In the highly competitive market of recruiting the best talent, the quality of the hiring process can make a world of difference for both the employer and the candidate. Here are some interesting statistics from LinkedIn regarding the impact of the hiring process:

  • 36 days is the average length of the hiring process.
  • Optimising the hiring process can shorten it by 60% while enhancing quality.
  • 60% of job seekers have had a bad candidate experience.
  • 80% of candidates who have gone through a poor hiring process will openly share their experience with others.
  • 60% of job seekers actually quit their job application midway if it’s too long and complex.
  • 87% of candidates will reconsider their previous reservations about the company or the job position if they’ve had a positive interview experience.


How you’ll conduct the hiring process reflects how your company will treat the candidates as future employees. Remember, first impressions last. If you want to improve your organisation’s hiring process, here are some recommendations that you can apply.

1. Enhance your employer brand

Developing a strong employer brand will make your business more appealing to passive prospects. According to survey results, 69% of job seekers are more willing to apply for a position if the company manages its employer brand. This includes answering reviews, making updates to their company profile, and posting content about the company’s work environment and culture. Improving your employer brand can also help reduce staff turnover by 28%.

2. Resolve bottlenecks in the hiring process

There may be inefficient procedures in your hiring process that’s affecting the candidate experience. The interview section, for example, can be very time-consuming. If you have multiple interviewers, you have to schedule for appointments which can cause delays. You might want to use digital tools or online platforms to improve the interview procedures. Time management is also crucial when reviewing candidate shortlists as well. If there are concrete solutions available to ease up the bottlenecks, it’s best that you take them.

3. Create a clear candidate profile

Developing a well-rounded candidate profile will help narrow down your search and save you more time in the recruitment process. List down the requirements, skills, capabilities, work experience, personality traits, cultural fit, and work style of your ideal candidate. But manage your expectations. Some applicants may not fit your profile 100% but if they possess majority of the qualities that you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to add them to your shortlist.

4. Improve your job descriptions

Studies have shown that in writing job descriptions, most participants respond more to the “Needs-Supplies” approach versus the “Demands-Abilities” approach. This means that applicants are more attracted to knowing what the company can do for them rather than what the company expects from the candidate.

Whilst it’s important to know the job responsibilities and requirements, The Wall Street Journal has reported that this could alienate employees who are actually qualified for the role. When writing your job descriptions, include what your organisation can offer to potential staff to attract more suitable applicants. Mention the attractive benefits that your company can provide. Be flexible with your perks so you can attract a wide range of top talent.

5. Create an FAQ page for candidates

Many applicants might feel hesitant to submit their applications because they need further clarification. You can respond to their particular enquiries or ask amongst your current staff what did they enquire about the company prior to their employment. From this, you can put together your FAQ content to address common questions from the candidates.

Top 10 Ways to Accelerate Your Hiring Process 2, The Talent Consultants

6. Implement an employee referral program

Asking your current staff for recommendations is a great way to quickly get potential candidates who are the best fit for your job vacancies. You’ll feel more secure with endorsements from your own employees when they refer friends, former colleagues, and other professional connections. You can give an incentive to your employees if they recommended a candidate who was successfully hired by your company.

7. Do omnichannel recruitment

With everyone having some form of presence in the digital realm, you might want to expand your recruitment in this scene to support your ongoing efforts in other traditional areas (job search sites, job fairs, classified ads). Tap into different platforms to seek out the candidates you need. Explore niche online forums and Facebook groups. Look through comments in YouTube channels that cater to your talent market.

Make your presence known as well. Create compelling, relevant content on your website or on your social media platforms that will attract prospects to apply in your company. Keep up with the latest trends that your talent market is into. You’ll be able to reach out to them easily and they’ll be more inclined to respond to you.

8. Make it mobile-friendly

Did you know that nearly 90% of job seekers use a mobile device when looking for work? Make sure your app or website is optimised for mobile gadgets so job seekers can apply, attend interviews, submit their resumes, and fill out forms wherever they are. Make the interface easy to navigate. Giving them more accessible opportunities to reach you is a key asset to a positive hiring experience.

9. Invest in recruitment software tools

Recruitment software and applications can automate the time-consuming and tedious tasks of the hiring process. You can customise the settings to schedule and send out bulk emails and multiple job ads, track your candidates’ progress, and streamline other processes to speed up and improve your hiring efficiency. This will enable you to focus more on engaging with the best prospects.

10. Act quickly and efficiently

Studies have shown that it only takes about 10 days for the best candidates to be off the market. Given this timeframe, use this window of opportunity efficiently to follow up on your top choices. Make sure you’re in their radar by responding to their enquiries immediately and giving updates on their application.

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