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The Top 10 Ways to Attract High-Quality IT Talent for Your Business

According to TopDev’s 2022 Vietnam IT Market Report, businesses in Vietnam hired 175,370 IT workers this year, up 36.2% over the previous year. It is estimated that the demand for IT talent will further rise to 229,000 by 2023 and 290,000 by 2024.

Vietnam continues to strengthen its position on the global stage as an IT powerhouse. The government remains proactive in establishing a business environment that encourages investors from local and global tech companies. The challenge is to meet the increasing demand by finding high-quality IT talent.

If you’re an employer or hiring manager struggling to attract the most qualified talent for IT roles, here are some strategies to consider:

1. Know the best time to look for IT talent

In Vietnam, the busiest hiring times are from March through May. Many software engineers and developers are looking for new opportunities to further their career after getting their year-end bonus and returning from the Tet holiday break. Tech talents are more available for recruitment at this time. Between October to January, IT candidates will be expecting their bonuses. If you’re looking to attract them during this season, be prepared to offer a highly attractive compensation package.

2. Know where to look for tech talent

Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are the most highly developed cities in Vietnam. With a robust internet infrastructure and a large concentration of IT talent, these two cities serve as the hub for tech innovation companies. Almost half of the universities in Vietnam are located in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Many graduates of IT courses will be looking for work in these prime cities.

3. Offer a compensation package with other assets

Trends indicate that IT salary expectations in Vietnam will continue to rise. If it’s challenging for you to meet their asking figures, you can offer instead additional assets such as extra bonuses, flexible work schedules, and expanded health benefits. Senior-level IT talent, for example, are interested in benefits that provide job security, welfare, tech stack and other employment benefits that are relevant to their needs.

4. Provide learning and development programs

Junior-level candidates are looking for opportunities to grow their career. Offer training programs to help them expand their skillset – both hard and soft skills. This will not only attract IT candidates but also encourage talent retention.

5. Promote positive branding

Candidates will have a favourable impression towards companies that have a positive image. From company culture to customer relationship and even the recruitment experience, your company’s branding should consistently show that you provide an optimum working environment. Studies have shown that candidates will no longer continue their application with a company if they are unhappy with the recruitment process.

Top 10 Ways to Attract High-Quality IT Talent for Your Business 2, The Talent Consultants

6. Present clear career directions

IT candidates will be more motivated to work for your organisation if you let them know that they have a rewarding and fulfilling future in your company. IT professionals are willing to invest their talent in companies that can offer concrete plans for career growth.

7. Practise what you preach

Company values are not simply buzz words. You must ensure that these are actually implemented in the workplace and be proactive in promoting them. IT candidates are looking for companies that are aligned to their own values so they can thrive in a working environment that supports them.

8. Have a comprehensive wellness program

In a survey conducted by Vietnamworks, 89% of employees see organisations that provide good wellness programs as ideal companies to work for. IT work can be intensive and candidates will look favourably on companies that are concerned for their physical and mental well-being.

9. Look for candidates with high English proficiency

With foreign tech investors coming in, it’s crucial for them to find IT talent who are proficient in English to overcome communication barriers. English is among the languages being taught in Vietnamese schools. Based on the 2021 EF English Proficiency Index, Vietnam is at 66th place globally and 4th place in Asia. It is expected that their standing will improve since travel restrictions have lifted, allowing more native English teachers to work in Vietnam.

10. Adopt omnichanneling strategies

Diversify your recruitment efforts by exploring more channels to seek out more IT candidates. Explore popular IT groups in social media platforms, go through comments and referrals in LinkedIn profiles, blogs, online forums, and even on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels where IT professionals are bound to visit.

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