Top 10 Job-Hunting Tips for the New Year

Our Top 10 Job-Hunting Tips for the New Year

According to economic reports, Vietnam’s unemployment rate has increased to 3.72% in the third quarter of 2021. But despite the rise, there is still hope on the horizon as Vietnam’s outlook in the outsourcing sector remains strong. In fact, Vietnam has remained in the top five countries for IT offshore services. There is also a high demand in Vietnam for offshore staff in human resources, payroll, finance and accounting.

Whether you’re new to job hunting, looking for a new job, or you want to pursue an entirely new career at the start of this new year, consider the following tips to improve your job-hunting and jumpstart your journey towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

1. Check and align your career goals

Set career goals that are sensible and practical. It’s great if you’re passionate for the job that you want but check if your knowledge and skills qualify you for the position. Perhaps you need to upskill in order to reach your goal. Be realistic and see if your career goals are aligned with your life goals. For example, if you’d rather work near your residential area because you want to stay close to your family, focus your job search within your vicinity.

2. Get organised

Schedule your daily routine to include enough time for job hunting. You can also spend this time polishing up your resume and, if you have one, preparing your portfolio. Make sure you have at least two to three references with their most recent contact details. Set up or update your profile on legitimate websites for professional networking and career development. Organising your job-hunting activities will make things easier for you along the way.

3. Customise your cover letters and resumes

Every post that you apply for has different requirements and responsibilities. That’s why you need to create tailor-fit cover letters and resumes for every job application. Aside from the job you’re applying for, you can mention briefly in your letter the particular skills that qualify you for the post. Creating different customised resumes to target specific job posts will help make your application stand out versus one generic resume.

4. Maximise your chances

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes for every job vacancy posted. If you’re interested in several job posts, send out your applications all at the same time to these prospects. This will help increase your chances to secure an interview and – hopefully – land the job you want, rather than focussing on just one job application only at a time.

Top 10 Job-Hunting Tips for the New Year

5. Explore different job search options

Searching in job sites for work opportunities is a good start. But if you really want to get ahead of the competition, make the extra effort to also check other avenues such as job fairs, company websites that show available job vacancies, social media platforms, reputable recruitment agencies, job search engines, or even consider talent consultancy services.

6. Do your research

Learn more details about the companies that you’re planning to send your application to. This will give you an idea about the products or services that they’re offering, the work environment, company benefits, and salary range. The information you’ve gathered will help you to assess if you’re the right fit for them and vice-versa. You can even mention what you’ve learned about the company in your cover letter or within the context of your interview.

7. Be confident when you apply

You might be reluctant to apply for a job that you’re interested in if you partially meet the requirements that the company is looking for in a candidate. Give it a shot and proceed with your application. Mention that you’re open to learning new skills and you’re willing to undergo training so you can carry out the tasks involved. Employers are also on the lookout for potential candidates who are highly motivated in their work. So, make sure that comes across in your cover letter and in your resume.

8. Don’t burn bridges

If you’re still working while you’re looking for other opportunities, don’t slack off and let things slide in your performance. Stay committed to your work responsibilities so when the time comes, you’ll be exiting on a high note. Leave with a favourable impression and maintain your network of professional contacts. Being in good graces with your former colleagues and managers can also open future employment opportunities for you.

Top 10 Job-Hunting Tips for the New Year

9. Be ready for interviews

You’ll find plenty of online resources on how to prepare for job interviews. Aside from researching about the company, find out what would be the usual interview questions and prepare your responses. For more specific questions about your experience and skills, make sure you can back them up with actual examples or results of your work performance. It wouldn’t hurt to do a mock interview and practise with a friend to help you prepare.

10. Do a follow-up

After a job interview, send a short message to the recruiter to thank them and that you look forward to hearing from them. Don’t hesitate to follow-up if you haven’t received any feedback. This will help you to keep track of your job-hunting activities so you can continue to focus on your current application or move on to the next.

If you’ve sent your application and you haven’t received any response after several days, give them a call to follow up. As recruiters are bombarded with resumes that fill up their inbox, a cordial phone call will help draw attention to your application.
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