How Recruitment Agencies Help Businesses Hire Through a Pandemic, ASW Consulting

How Recruitment Agencies Help Businesses Hire Through a Pandemic

For us at ASW Consulting, we believe that businesses need all the help they can get in recruiting their next top talent. But as we’re still in lockdown and working remotely, recruiting can be a challenge for most companies. One thing you can do as a business leader is to hire the services of a recruitment agency or talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam to help you meet some of your business goals during the pandemic. Here are our top three reasons why you should engage with a recruitment agency.

Sell your brand effectively

When you acquire the services of a professional recruitment service, they will also act as your brand ambassadors to the market. Recruiters will get to know your business, your mission and vision, company core values, your company EVP, and they will be able to comprehensibly market your brand as they recruit. This not only applies to job postings and social media posts, but also to the way they articulate who you are as a company during interviews.

A talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam would also be able to attract candidates who might be hesitant to move jobs. There is a lot of uncertainty in the job market because of the pandemic, and most people are wary about taking risks. As experts in headhunting top talent, they know how to approach candidates at a high level and create interest, and eventually engage and hire the kind of professionals that are ideal additions to your company.

A strong network and database of talent

Recruitment agencies in Vietnam nurture their talent pool of experienced and high-performing candidates. They have a vast database of pre-screened professionals in various industries, and they know which ones to approach for particular job vacancies. This means you can hire at a much faster rate. Recruiters have in-depth knowledge and experience within the job market so they know the type of professionals to look for, no matter what your requirements are. With their help, you are sure to find the right people to join your team.

As we have all seen in the past year and a half, there have been a lot of layoffs and businesses closing down as a consequence of the pandemic. In turn, there are a lot of highly qualified individuals looking for jobs, and now is an opportune time to look into the candidate market again.


Another big benefit of getting recruitment services is how much time you could be saving. A recruitment agency will definitely shorten the time it takes to hire someone, at a much faster rate than if you do it yourself. With their vast connections, specialist tools, and dedicated time to source, screen and interview candidates, they are in a much better position to do the recruitment for you. You won’t need to spend hours sifting through CVs, contacting candidates, and documenting each step of the process. You’ll be free to focus on your own tasks and be involved in the most important parts of the recruitment process only.

Talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam

While the job market continues to stabilize, it is prudent to start your recruitment efforts. Hiring can be a long-term process, and when your company is ready, you’ll have at least narrowed down a handful of sought-after candidates you’d want in your company. To know more about how ASW Consulting brings talented people together, email for a confidential discussion.