How Do You Know If a Job Offer is Right for You

How Do You Know If a Job Offer is Right for You?

Has this ever happened to you? You find a job offer with a description that mostly matches with your skills and experience. You apply and get a chance to be interviewed. After learning more details about the work, the company, and the compensation, you find yourself wondering if you can really see yourself working for them.

It’s perfectly understandable if you show signs of hesitation on whether you should continue your application or accept the job, if it’s offered to you. It’s not that you’re being picky. You just want to make sure that you’re the right fit for the job – and vice versa. After all, you don’t want to waste your time, and the company’s resources as well, if you are not 100% committed to it.

Here are questions that you should ask yourself to help you decide on whether or not the job offer is right for you.

1. Is the job aligned to my work values?

What do you consider the most important values at work and how does the job offer fulfil those values? For example, does it allow you to flex your creativity with a team? Will it provide you with experiences that promote career growth? If the job checks only a few boxes on your list of essential values, you might want to reconsider accepting the offer.

2. Will you stay engaged with the work?

If you were bored or burned out from your previous job, make sure the new job offer won’t lead you down the same path. As you progress in your career growth, the job you’re considering should make you feel motivated to take on the challenges that come with the new role.

3. Is the compensation fair?

Naturally, this would be one of the biggest factors to consider when you’re looking into a new job offer. You should have an idea of what the salary range is for the position that you’re after. You might find it slightly lower than what you were expecting. But if they offer more benefits that are relevant to your needs (transportation allowance or wider insurance coverage), would you be able to subsist on that given the work that you’re expected to do? In short, is it worth it?

4. Can you work well with your new colleagues?

During your interview, you may have formed your first impressions on what it would be like to work with your future manager or your fellow colleagues. It may be just a glimpse but if you’ll feel comfortable working with them on a daily basis, then that’s a good factor to consider. It will also help to learn about their company culture. Does their staff reflect the company’s equal employment opportunity policies? Are they proactive in terms of inclusivity and diversity?

5. How will the job fit into your lifestyle?

Having work-life balance is important in maintaining employee wellness and engagement. Find out what the workload will be like. How often will you need to render more time for work than usual? What are the company policies concerning statutory leaves? If the work entails a lot of travelling, are you prepared to spend more time away from your home life? Know when you’re willing to adjust and when to draw the line.

How Do You Know If a Job Offer is Right for You

6. Is the workplace conducive to your productivity?

Sometimes, it’s the physical aspect of the job that might be your concern. When you visited the office, did you notice if you’ll be comfortable working in their environment? Will you be able to focus on your tasks in an open space set-up or would you prefer a more private, cubicle-type work space? You can always find ways to adapt, just make sure you can manage to deliver their expectations whilst working in their current office setting.

7. Will there be opportunities for career development?

Do you see yourself moving up in the company? Will the organisation provide opportunities for career growth? Do they offer training programs for professional and personal development? Every job you take on should be a progressive step in your career journey. Don’t waste your time and effort in pursuing a job that won’t be an asset in your career plan.

8. Will you feel happy with the new job?

Perks aside, your motivation to work will also be greatly driven by your job satisfaction. Despite the challenges that come with the job role, do you think you’ll sincerely feel happy in that new job? Will you feel valued by the company because of the work that you do? If you can see yourself looking forward to going to work there every day, then that’s a good indication that this job is right for you.

9. How far are you willing to adjust?

If the new job entails a lot of adjustments on your end, how much are you willing to do so? A new job comes with some changes and you’re expected to adapt to them. But consider how it will affect the quality of your work, your finances, and your lifestyle outside of the office. If you can manage these changes and if it will lead to better benefits, then go for it.

10. What is your gut telling you?

It’s important to base your decision on the information that you’ve gathered, but it also wouldn’t hurt to trust your gut instinct. Feeling excited over a job offer is one thing. But after the excitement wears off, if it gives off a positive vibe for you, then it’s definitely worth exploring. If something is holding you back, maybe you can research more about the company or ask the hiring manager for clarification to see if the role fits you.

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