How a remote recruitment agency adds value to your business

How a Remote Recruitment Agency Adds Value to your Business

Seeking the help of a local recruitment agency gives you a competitive edge as it provides you with a local recruitment partner that you can trust to help you build your team remotely. Vietnam has long been recognised as a hub for foreign direct investment (FDI), and many companies have been setting up operations onshore to take advantage of the highly educated workforce and increasing levels of infrastructure.

The United States (US) News and World Report in 2019 ranked Vietnam eighth in a list of 29 best economies to invest in, with the next closest ASEAN country on the list being Malaysia (13th). Similarly, Vietnam is also becoming known as a ‘tech hub’ in South East Asia, especially in the development space.

Here’s how a recruitment and executive search agency in Vietnam will help you bring even more value to your business.

Comprehensive scoping

Executive search in Vietnam is more than just hiring the right people to fill specific roles – it’s about partnering with the right recruitment agency to source, hire and nurture your future assets.

It begins with comprehensive business and role briefing, where an agency will get to know your needs beyond filling roles. Good recruiters will endeavour to know and understand your business, such as your capabilities, resources, training and development capability and team culture, among other things. They then go into more detail to learn your specific requirements and requests, from skills, experience, to attitudes and values. Comprehensively scoping gives recruiters a glimpse into the kind of success you want to achieve in the future. And as partners in this stage of the process, they will do their best to provide the most valuable candidates who are a perfect fit for your company, and who can help your business grow.

Nurturing a refined Vietnamese talent pool

Apart from the time saving  and convenience, the other major benefit of partnering with a recruitment agency is the access to a vast and highly refined talent pool. Vietnam is known for its investment in education and training, and therefore developing the current generation of working professionals who can adapt to a new professional landscape, especially in finance and tech, where they are primed for remote careers with international companies.

Vietnam has a much lower aged workforce than Australia so there is a steady flux of graduates entering the workforce every year.  As an example, more than 60 per cent of the 90 million people in Vietnam are under the age of 35.

Many Vietnamese professionals also have experience studying and working in other countries, returning to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi with specialised industry experience – these people are primed for specialist, professional and executive roles within international businesses. With a young and highly educated working population, Vietnam is the right place to recruit bright professionals who are adept in numerous roles and industries.

Recruitment agencies hold high standards for their talent pool and recruits. By creating, cultivating and accessing a professional network of experienced Vietnamese candidates, recruiters are more than prepared to provide candidates worthy of being a part of your company.

Continual support

Supporting a candidate doesn’t stop at getting them hired – great executive search and recruitment companies provide support for these hires as they progress in their careers. Candidate care is a valuable aspect of recruitment, providing career advice and networking opportunities for these employees to build on their skills and experience, so they can continue to provide incredible service to your business.

ASW Consulting as your competitive edge

ASW Consulting are committed to providing high-value recruitment services, and helping companies solve recruitment related challenges. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists take the time to understand your company, your requirements, and help you put the right professionals in the right roles. We offer either a customised executive search process, or a contingency approach to recruitment, according to your preferred level of involvement ASW Consulting are experts in the Vietnam labour market. Beyond providing you the right Vietnam talent, we give you the opportunity to save on costs, scale your business like never before, and position your company for more growth and success.

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