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Five Ways an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Helps Make Recruitment Easier for You

Recruiting candidates is a fast-paced job. Between looking for talent, screening them, and presenting them to your clients, you have to act fast and efficiently, or else you’ll miss big hiring opportunities within days. As a talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam, we’re always looking for solutions that can simplify the complicated recruitment process. One of these solutions is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which functions like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, but is designed specifically for recruitment. Here are five ways our ATS has helped us in talent acquisition sourcing in Ho Chi Minh.

Automated candidate progress monitoring

Looking for candidates is just the first step in the process, and there are a lot of moving parts in recruitment that it can be difficult to track the progress of each candidate you talk to. The ATS provides automated insights into each application that comes through, the status of your job vacancies, and where your candidates are in the whole recruitment process. This tool gives you a quick and updated overview of the different stages of your candidates through real-time visualization, so you’ll know what you should do next based on your priority levels. You’re able to follow a good system based on the milestones. In the long run, your ATS also becomes a huge and valuable repository of your talent pool.

Better collaboration between people involved

Your applicant tracking system also functions as a communication tool between your team, client, and candidates. It can help you assign tasks to different recruiters, create timelines, leave notes, scores, and comments on each applicant. Your ATS also connects with your email and calendar apps, allowing you to schedule meetings more efficiently.

Wider integration and enhanced reporting

Apart from the ability to connect your inboxes and calendars, your ATS can also be integrated with your specific job boards and social media accounts so you can post job ads more conveniently and at a faster rate. Your ATS can also determine which job boards and social media platforms are more effective in talent sourcing. so you’re given valuable insights throughout the different stages of the process that can help you refine your recruitment strategies as a talent sourcing consultancy in Vietnam.

Improved candidate experience

As certain parts of the recruitment process are automated, you can be assured that your ATS doesn’t leave any candidate behind. It lets you know when to contact candidates for interviews efficiently, can send follow-up emails or rejection emails, speeds up the hiring process, schedules interviews, and send surveys as well. Designed for efficiency, it’ll help you streamline the recruitment process, which will enable you to provide positive experiences for your candidates.

Focus more on quality recruitment, not on administrative tasks

Finally, an ATS will help you find good leads for your clients. As most tasks can be automated, you can have more time to find, qualify, screen, and interview your leads, without worrying about all the documentation involved. Your applicant tracking system will help you do your job even better, so you can connect your clients with the top-quality talent they’re looking for.

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