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10 Steps to Take When Looking for a New Job After Tet

Tết is the Vietnamese celebration of the Lunar New Year. For recruiters and job-seekers, the period after Tết (from January or February to April) will be a busy time as many will be looking for new work after getting their yearly bonus.

How do you stay ahead of the competition and get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers? Here are some steps that we would like to recommend to increase your advantage of landing the job you want.

1. Focus on what you really want

Concentrate your job search on the kind of work and the companies that you’re passionate about. During your interview, you’ll feel more self-assured and more enthusiastic to discuss this. This gives a favourable impression on the recruiter or manager which can help improve your prospects of getting hired.

2. Strengthen your online presence

Recruiters are using automated platforms to help improve efficiencies in talent acquisition. Make sure your profile has the right keywords for the job you want to apply for. Check their job postings, see what words they use, and apply what’s relevant to your skills and experience in your profile. You’ll have greater chances of being included as a strong candidate for the position.

Stay active in your professional social media platforms by sharing posts that reflect your interest and expertise. Create your own website or an online portfolio to showcase your work which you can link to your online profile.

3. Tailor-fit your resume

Don’t send a generic, one-size-fits-all resume. For every position that you are applying for, make sure you customise your cover letter and resume for that company. Take note of what the company is looking for and highlight that in your application. Use their keywords to your advantage. Do diligent research about the company. Mention something about the organisation that inspires your desire to work for them: their corporate values, their advocacies, their work culture, etc.

4. Expand your skills

Developing new skills in relation to your field of expertise can add leverage to your application. Enrol in professional courses offered by LinkedIn or Coursera that are related to the job you want. Enhance your resume by adding the skills that you’ve learned. Recruiters will seek out highly skilled talent so make sure your resume pops out with your new skills that also reflect your desire for career development.

5. Reach out to your connections

Your professional networks may have job offers that you’re interested in which may not be widely advertised. Ask your friends, former colleagues, and your fellow peers in the industry for job vacancies in their companies that might be right up your alley. If they have employee referral programs, inform them that you’re interested to apply and if they could refer you. Having an endorsement from your connection will also help recruiters to save time in the hiring process.

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6. Join professional organisations

Being a member of a professional organisation is a great way to expand your network. More importantly, you’ll have more opportunities to learn from fellow members and expand your skillset as well. There are also various professional group pages in social media that you can join. Members can share their knowledge or post job vacancies there as well.

7. Be more proactive in job fairs

Joining job fairs is not just simply filling out forms and leaving your resume. It always pays to be more prepared. Before joining job fairs, find out which companies will participate and do your research about the ones you’re interested to work for. When it’s time to speak with the recruiters and company representatives during the job fair, they’ll be impressed by how well you’ve prepared and will keep you in their radar.

8. Check company websites and their social media

Some companies post their job vacancies on their website or on their social media instead of advertising them on job sites. Visit the websites of companies where you’d like to apply and see if they have openings that you’re interested in. Follow the social media platforms of these companies so you’ll be updated if they post job vacancies.

9. Prepare for interviews

You’ve adjusted your resume. You’ve sent your application. Whilst waiting for results, take the time to prepare yourself for job interviews that will come your way. You don’t want your mind to suddenly go blank during your interview, although there are ways to help you get out of that awkward situation. You can start with general questions such as “Tell us about yourself” or “What is your greatest achievement so far?” Be prepared to cite examples of your accomplishments. Being prepared for job interviews will help you stand out in your application.

10. Get in touch with a headhunter

A headhunting agency will help you find the jobs you want, even for specific industries. Check their website for available job openings. Some agencies even have free resources to help job seekers prepare for their applications and interviews. Find a reliable recruitment agency to steer you in the right career direction.

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