Why Personality Assessments are Crucial in Recruitment, ASW Consulting

Why Personality Assessments are Crucial in Recruitment

Finding the best candidates for our clients involves assessing talent in different ways so we can appropriately match the right people together. For us at ASW Consulting, personality beyond accomplishments is a big factor in deciding who to hire. Attitude and behavior can help predict how well candidates may perform in their roles, and how well they’ll fit in within the company. The following are reasons why recruitment agencies in Vietnam like ASW Consulting support the use of personality assessments during recruitment, onboarding and development stages in the employee lifecycle.

Improved screening process

While relying on candidates’ CVs and job interview performance is important, there’s more to them than their educational background, skills, and previous work experience. Talent staffing agencies can use psychometric assessments to better understand a candidates’ soft skills and personality traits. However, it is crucial that assessment is conducted in line with the key competencies for the role, and is only one part of the recruitment process. Remember that they are not ‘abilities’ assessments, but should instead give you insight into a candidate’s likes and dislikes.

Data-driven insights are key to better hiring

Personality assessments help recruitment agencies in Vietnam have a standardized set of insights on each candidate. You can get a better sense of how they would act and behave in certain work contexts. These personality tests can zero in on specific personality traits like cooperation, sociability, leadership, reliability, creativity, and more. For example, for a management trainee, you should be looking for candidates who appear to enjoy working with others, are achievement-focused, and have high levels of conscientiousness towards completing tasks. Hiring managers can end up with a more granular understanding of the kind of person and professional their candidates are.

Improve work environment and culture

Permanent recruitment agencies in Vietnam are concerned about hiring for the long-term. Personality assessments are a great way to find out how well candidates may fit with their team, how aligned they are with the company values, and whether they have a natural preference for teamwork or collaborating. It can help bring much needed diversity to teams by understanding people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Recruitment agency in Vietnam

ASW Consulting is a trusted permanent recruitment services agency in Vietnam committed to bringing talented people together. We understand how attitude and personality influence and dictate how we behave at work, and we focus on that to determine the right fit between candidates and clients. For more information on how you can improve as a recruiter, visit our Resources page to learn more about recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding.