Top Recruiting Strategies for 2021, ASW Consulting

Top Recruiting Strategies for 2021

You’ve probably read many different articles talking about the top recruiting strategies in 2021, following a pandemic that has helped rewrite the rules of recruitment. While they are all helpful, we also want to talk about which ones have endured throughout this challenging and evolving job market. ASW Consulting, a talent sourcing and C-suite recruitment company in Vietnam, lists down which strategies are still effective as we approach the second half of 2021.

Flexible work is not just a perk but a necessity

More and more companies are permanently adapting to remote work as part of their employee benefits package. Now that most companies have demonstrated that business continuity can still be upheld even outside of the confines of the office, employees have realized that there’s no reason why many companies can’t offer flexible working arrangements. Prioritizing remote or flexible work also shows the values and the people-first culture of the company, which would be very attractive to candidates during recruitment. However, we know that not all roles can adjust to working from home, and we hear from countless candidates that they do actually want to be in the office. Long-term this is not about having an entirely remote workforce, but more about thinking of what flexibility means to your people and company culture. Why not survey your people and get their feedback directly to then support your longer term strategy?

Developed digital recruitment activities

Cloud-based recruitment activities should be the norm, especially in today’s world of remote work. Applicant tracking systems, testing/psychometrics, virtual interviews, and reaching different audiences through organic and paid social media are reliable ways to conduct recruitment activities online. All necessary information can be accessed online, processes can be automated, and different platforms can be connected for efficiency and convenience. This all makes the recruitment process more effective for talent sourcing companies, especially when it comes to C-suite recruitment in Vietnam.

Better quality and structured interviewing

As most interviews today no longer provide recruiters the opportunity to meet with candidates physically, it can be quite difficult to gauge candidates’ personalities and capabilities. It’s important to bolster your recruitment requirements to include new components that can help you create more accurate candidate profiles for your clients. These can come in the form of extra tests, case studies, and adjusting your behavioral questions to get a better sense of their personalities. It might mean an extra step or two, but having a quality hire over an easy hire will save you money in the long run.

A new sales pitch

Your EVP or Employer Value Proposition has to be adapted to the remote work crowd. Previously, the work location and environment were some of the biggest draws for candidates during recruitment. As there are no physical offices that you can effectively use to attract candidates now, create an online picture instead that highlights the company’s culture, development, collaboration and leadership. This could be on your website, careers pages, social media, etc. These important aspects help form a mental picture of the kind of working environment the company has, and more expressly articulate why candidates should choose your opportunities.

Enhanced candidate experiences

Recruitment agencies in Vietnam have to rethink how their candidates perceive the recruitment process. If the process is too long and challenging, candidates may find it tedious and exhausting, or that the opportunity may not be worth it compared to other recruitment processes at other organisations. Make the recruitment process easier by communicating regularly with your candidates, regardless of the stage or results in the process. Support candidates by providing them with as much additional information to help them in the next step of their interview with the hiring manager. Provide valuable advice that they could take with them in their career whether they get hired for the role or not. Reevaluate your recruitment process and see where you can implement changes and improvements as you prioritize your candidates’ needs and welfare as well.

Recruitment agency in Vietnam

ASW Consulting is a talent sourcing company that focuses on C-suite recruitment in Vietnam. We’re always on the lookout for recruitment trends and feedback from our stakeholders to keep our recruitment process more effective, and job opportunities more attractive to our candidates. As the job market continues to change over the next months and years, we’ll adjust our recruitment strategies to give both our clients and candidates the best recruitment experience for them. To know more about our recruitment process. Please email for a confidential discussion.