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Four Common Pain Points of Hiring Managers

Hiring candidates can be quite the challenge, even for us seasoned recruiters. There are many factors at play when filling different roles for clients – time, specific role requirements, client budget, and changing market conditions (especially during a pandemic), to name a few. The following are some of the different pain points talent sourcing consultancies and recruitment agencies in Vietnam most likely experience. 

Recruiting senior candidates  

Finding candidates for senior management positions is a big challenge. Statistically speaking, the talent pool is smaller compared to junior and mid-level roles. Therefore finding the right people who have the right skills, experiences, and leadership abilities takes more time and effort. Most of these top-caliber management and C-suite professionals are also most likely employed in companies that provide them with competitive compensation and benefits, so they rarely look for new opportunities elsewhere.

These candidates have been difficult to find, and much more during the pandemic when people are hesitant to move on to different companies. The uncertainties of the economy reduced their willingness to explore new career opportunities.

Recruiting for specialty roles 

The challenge of recruiting a top executive becomes even more complex when we’re recruiting for niche roles. These are unique jobs that involve specialized learning, specific certifications/qualifications, or extensive prior experience in a small field. For example, if we’re recruiting for a Manager for tech development with vast experience in banking, the talent pool gets smaller because of the role requirements. This person would have to be a leader in developing apps and software while also being a leader in the world of banking, and know the regulations and policies within these two disciplines.

Urgency in hiring 

There are clients who look at talent sourcing consultants in Vietnam to help them with speed to hire. While we certainly try to do so, we do it with quality as a priority. It is easy to find good candidates and turn them over to our clients within a matter of days, but they may not be the high-quality hires they’re looking for. Recruiters like us would have to go through an extensive process of market research and interviews to determine how well they will do in the required role, team, and company culture. For management and C-level roles, it’s not prudent to hire them quickly because a bad hire can cost a company so much more than money.

Attracting talent with underdeveloped EVP 

There are instances when it’s hard to sustain the interest of a potential candidate upon knowing the client we’re recruiting for. The salary and the position may be right for them, but when they see that there’s not much the company can offer them outside of this, they tend to bow out. This is why we believe that a big part of your draw as a company lies in your Employer Value Proposition, or the unique qualities, culture, benefits, and career development opportunities you offer employees. Being part of your company shouldn’t just be a transactional relationship, it should be a rewarding experience that makes your employees enjoy their employment, stay in the company, and have a more meaningful career. Read about how you can develop your company’s EVP here 

Talent sourcing consultancy Vietnam 

ASW Consulting is a trusted permanent recruitment services agency in Vietnam that can help you find the right candidates the right way. To us, recruitment has its challenges, but we’re completely committed to finding your ideal candidates no matter the circumstance, because your growth and success hinges on hiring the best people. To know more about what you can do for your company, please email for a confidential discussion.